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Know your menstrual cycle well? If not, Yasmin Karachiwala helps you get your facts straight

Want to know your period better? Fret not, celeb fitness instructor Yasmin Karachiwala is here to answer some of the most frequently asked questions about menstruation that you must know about.
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Don't believe in myths about menstrual cycle. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Aayushi Gupta Updated: 21 May 2022, 05:53 pm IST
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Even though we’re living in the 21st century, talking about menstruation and the problems associated with it are still considered taboo. Every single day, girls all over the world have their first menstrual cycle, at some point or the other. A period is a natural and healthy part of a woman’s reproductive health. Those women who are equipped with information about periods can handle their menstrual cycle better. For others, it can be a nightmare. 

So, in order to protect yourself from falling for myths around menstruation that can hold you back, you should talk about your periods. This time around, celebrity fitness instructor Yasmin Karachiwala is going to address the topic of menstruation with the help of renowned gynecologist, Dr Ranjana Dhanu.

Here’s what Karachiwala has written in her Instagram post, “It’s just period *Period*. Every female in this world goes through menstruation every month for approximately five days (unless there are any hormonal imbalances), which accounts for two out of 12 months of a year. Even after these many days of bleeding, it’s still a TABOO to talk about this subject.” 

That’s why Karachiwala has shared a video on Instagram that features Dr Dhanu, where they speak about the most commonly asked questions about periods.

What is normal blood flow?

Dr Dhanu says that a menstrual cycle should be about 28 to 30 days with permissible blood loss of 80ml in a span of five days. And a healthy menstrual cycle doesn’t include clotting. Therefore, clotting is abnormal and is a cause for concern. She adds that chronically losing blood can lead to anemia and severe pain. 


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Are clots and cramps during periods normal?

The consistency of menstrual blood varies both throughout the period and from one period to another. This variation is normal and natural. Through biological diagrams, Dr Dhanu explains that there are multiple conditions such as fibroids and endometriosis that can cause bulkiness and bleeding within the uterine lining, which can further lead to clotting and cramps. 

What is endometriosis?

Dr Dhanu says sometimes there is retrograde menstruation. In this condition, menstrual blood containing endometrial cells flows back through the fallopian tubes and into the pelvic cavity, instead of flowing out of the body. This condition causes endometriosis, which is one of the most painful gynaecological conditions. Dr Dhanu also says that in the initial stage, endometriosis can be treated. However, in later stages, surgery is the way. 

What is the battle of the bulge, and should women exercise during their period?

The expert recommends that every woman should go for sonography to know if there is something happening in their pelvis, so that it can be treated early. Also, she suggests that women can exercise during periods, except for those who suffer from severe bleeding and cramps.

Exercise to feel better during periods. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Why do women crave sugar during periods?

According to Dr Dhanu, all women during menstruation go through a hormonal roller coaster. So, hormonal imbalance not only causes sweet cravings, it can even cause behavioural changes, which can go from mild to severe. In this case, if the condition seems to go out of hand, you should go for a check-up. In fact, she suggests hormonal evaluation, and keeping a check on the prolactin levels. 

So, take charge of your health, ladies!

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