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Even gynaecologists agree period sex is totally safe and hygienic. Here’s why

Many people are grossed by the idea of sex while on periods and many of them don’t even think it is possible. Here’s proving you wrong about period sex and advising you on the right way to do ‘it’.
period sex
Having sex during periods is absolutely normal. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Sonakshi Kohli Published: 29 May 2020, 14:15 pm IST
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When it comes to menstruation, there is no dearth of baseless stigma, myths, and unfortunately, even ‘disgust’ associated with this absolutely-natural process that every woman in the world goes through.

Period sex is just one such aspect of menstruation that this disgust extends to. Some find the sight of the blood unbearable, some find the idea of menstruation gross, some freak out over the possibility of catching a vaginal infection due to period sex, and some just worry about staining their bedsheets with blood—there could be several reasons for a woman to refrain from having sex while she is menstruating.

However, if your menstrual hygiene concerns are stopping you from having it, here’s why you should let go of the fear:

For starters, period blood is not impure
Biologically speaking, every month your ovaries release eggs for fertilisation by a sperm after sexual intercourse. Simultaneously, there is a rise in the level of your reproductive hormones, mainly—estrogen and progesterone—to help the uterus thicken its lining in a bid to support the possible pregnancy. However, when that does not happen, the now-useless uterine lining sheds itself after the hormones required to maintain it also decrease in the body. Your menstrual blood is a mixture of mucus, some bodily fluids, and this lining making a graceful exit from your body. 

Now that you know there’s nothing impure about menstrual blood, you can take your first sigh of relief if you’re fond of or want to try period sex.

The only thing dirty about it is your mindset
And of course, the bedsheets that might get blood stained and dirty after your mind-blowing session between the sheets while you’re on your period. Needless to say, you’re going to have to leave out the after-sex, stay-in-bed-cuddling session because you don’t want to stay damp and wet and encourage any fungal or bacterial infection down there, right?

post-sex habits
It’s important to practice post-sex hygiene to steer clear of infections. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Hear it from the horse’s mouth: It is absolutely safe
Period sex is safe if adequate precautions are taken. With proper use of contraception to prevent sexually transmitted diseases, women can surely enjoy it,” says Dr. Preeti Bhadauria, senior consultant, obstetrics and gynaecology, Nayati Medicity, Mathura, Uttar Pradesh.

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she adds

For some women, sex during periods is more pleasurable as there is less need for lubrication. It can also soothe periods-related symptoms like cramps and pain.

But you’ve got to exercise caution, regardless
Just because you’ve heard it from a gynae, you can’t afford to practice careless period sex.

“Women are more prone to certain infections during periods as the pH of vaginal fluid becomes less acidic at this time and the risk of fungal infection and bacterial vaginosis may increase. Additionally, the mouth of the cervix is slightly open during periods and this may increase the risk of ascending infections,” explains Dr Bhadauria. 

Apart from this, there is always the risk of pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. Thus, the following precautions must be taken while enjoying period sex

1. A reliable and effective contraception needs to be used regularly to prevent unwanted pregnancy.

2. Condoms (male/female) should be used regularly even if you are using some other method of contraception as they are very effective in preventing sexually transmitted diseases that other birth-control methods will not be able to prevent.

period sex
Period sex and pregnancy are closely related to each other. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

3. If using a tampon, remember to take it out before sexual intercourse as it can be pushed further into the vagina and become difficult to remove, leading to serious infections.

There, ladies, there is no harm in having sex on your period as long as you proceed with just a little caution!

  • 102
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