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Dealing with my periods was a breeze with the &Me Period Box

If you’re someone who has been struggling hard with period pain and other related symptoms, then this period box from &Me will change your life!
period products
This period box will ensure you have healthy and happy periods. Image courtesy: &Me
Geetika Sachdev Published: 22 Feb 2021, 05:02 pm IST
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Every month is a hassle, especially when my periods are about to arrive, I begin to feel anxious, flustered and overwhelmed with emotions. For one, I suffer from severe cramps, and then the constant hormonal fluctuations make me crave sweets every single minute. No, I am not kidding at all. This is one of the most common symptoms of premenstrual syndrome, and like me, there are many other women who struggle with this!

And if you thought these are the only problems that my period brings along every month, you are wrong. I always end up getting rashes down there, which I believe is the doing of commercially-available sanitary napkins. Several friends have asked me to try out a menstrual cup, but I could never gather the courage to use it (I blame myself for this). 

I have tried several hacks for all these problems, but they have only provided me with temporary relief. In no time, I would start feeling uncomfortable all over again. My family and friends have always been aware that I am going to be nothing but a sloth during those days. Because after fighting this daily battle, I really have no energy in me to do anything else! 

This is until the time I got my hands on the &Me Period Box. One of my closest friends had used this amazing box, and she couldn’t stop raving about it. Each box contains period tea, period chocolate, soothe period pain relief roll-on, “no compromise” sanitary pads, and an “easy” menstrual box. Ever since my friend told me that her cramps had considerably reduced, because of the period tea in the box, I knew I had to try it out! 

Dealing with period pain

For the unversed, menstrual cramps are caused by an increase in prostaglandins in your body. They help the uterus to contract and relax, so that the uterine lining can detach and flow out of our body. As your uterus contracts, it causes pain. If the impact is very strong, then the blood flow is reduced, and supply of oxygen to the uterus muscle decreases. 

period products
Period cramps use to literally kill me. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Research also says that those who suffer from more menstrual pain have higher levels of inflammation in the body, caused by high BMI, smoking or even alcohol consumption. Sometimes, cramps get so bad that you start to feel it even in your lower back and inner thighs. 

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Like I mentioned earlier, I had tried all kinds of hacks — from using hot water bags to popping Meftal, but nothing helped. That’s when I started to sip on the &Me period tea that has an innovative blend of 25 ingredients and comes in a delicious rose spearmint flavour. It not only helped me to relieve cramps, but also helped me tackle body pain, bloating and fatigue! 

You could also use the period pain relief roll-on that contains herbs like clary sage, ylang ylang, lavender and peppermint. These are all anti-inflammatory ingredients and work as natural pain relievers!

The answer to your period sugar cravings

By now you already know how much I crave for chocolates and other sweet treats during my periods. Many other women do (I know I am not alone), and for the longest time, that’s what gave me solace. There’s a big reason for these increasing sugar cravings: declining serotonin levels. 

Some studies also go on to show that low iron can cause fatigue, irritability and increased cravings for sweets. According to a 2016 study published in the International Archives of Integrated Medicine, essential minerals like calcium, magnesium and phosphorus fluctuate during a woman’s menstrual cycle, explaining cravings that come and go.

Unfortunately, most chocolates and desserts available in the market today can worsen the problem. Thankfully, &Me’s period chocolate contains 55% dark cocoa (oat milk based) and the goodness of essential micronutrients, Ayurvedic herbs, fruits and nuts. And the best part, it is natural and contains no sugar. 

I was so thrilled to enjoy chocolate without any guilt! 

A happy and rash-free period

Come to think of it, sanitary napkins have the most intimate relationship with us during our periods. That’s why it is important to pay attention to what you use. For the longest time, I used the most easily available sanitary napkins available in the supermarket, only to end up with rashes and irritation down there. 

That’s because most of these sanitary napkins are made from plastic, which as most of us know, is carcinogenic. 

period products
Period box by &Me. Image courtesy: &Me

This time around, I used &Me’s “no compromise” sanitary napkins that helped me deal with everything from heavy flow protection, and made me feel so comfortable. If you struggle with heavy flow, due to problems like PCOS and UTI, then these pads are a true blessing. 

I am yet to try out the menstrual cup (transitioning into something new takes time) properly. I did try to insert and remove the cup a few times to figure out its use, and I must say it was smooth. At least, my fear has finally gone! 

Should I buy the &Me period box?

Certainly, a big yes! If you’re someone who dreads the thought of having periods every month, then this period box from &Me is going to completely change your view. Plus, it is available at only Rs 799. We think it’s a steal deal!

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