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Dark chocolate really does reduce period cramps. Here’s why it’s your saviour

Ever wondered if chocolate is your real salvation from period cramps is it just a mirage? It's time to finally find out here .
healthy chocolate recipes
Fall in love with chocolate even more with these healthy recipes! Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Aishwarya Chopra Updated: 13 May 2020, 19:01 pm IST
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What do you crave for the most when you are on your period? Is it ice cream, chocolates, or deep-fried savouries? Well, one of these cravings is your real salvation. Because you see, chocolates can really soothe those piercing period cramps while fulfilling your cravings. 

In fact, for the whole box of chocolates that you devour each period, blame progesterone! According to research, this hormone responsible for regulating our menstrual cycle is equally responsible for a bigger appetite during and after periods.

Anyway, back to chocolate. Did you know that dark chocolate is the ultimate period salvation? A study featured in the US National Library of Medicine states that a 100-gram bar of 70- to 85% dark chocolate contains 67% of the recommended daily intake for iron and 58% of the RDI for magnesium. In your battle against period cramps, these nutrients make dark chocolate your delicious armor. 

Apart from this, here are four reasons why you must stock up on dark chocolate for days when aunty flo visits:

1. It’s nutrient content can reduce period discomfort
Cocoa-rich dark chocolate is a powerful source of magnesium, which happens to be a natural pain reliever. When cramps create tension and spasms in your body, the magnesium soothes the muscles of your uterus according to a 2017 review published in the quarterly publication Magnesium Research.

2. When your mood pendulums, dark chocolate can help you feel better
According to a study by British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology, dark chocolate contains serotonin. Also dubbed the happy chemical, serotonin helps stimulate the production of endorphins and makes you feel chirper. Although it can feel like a hug, remember to not overindulge in this scrumptious superfood–because an overdose of anything is bad for you.

3. Dark chocolate can give you some much-needed energy during this time
lame your low-energy levels during your periods on your dropping iron levels. Iron mainly transports oxygen to all parts of your body. So when the mineral is lost along with period blood, it leads to tiredness and lethargy.
As a rich source of iron and sugar, it offers a burst of energy–though it might be temporary.

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dark chocolate for period cramps
When aunt flo arrives with muscle cramps as gifts, it’s time to embrace dark chocolate.  Image courtesy: Shutterstock.

4. Dark chocolate is the answer for all your muscle-ache woes
When your hips, abdomen, and thighs feel sore during your periods, crack open a pack of dark chocolate. With the good amount of the magnesium, dark chocolate known to be an effective remedy for sore muscles

So on your next period, fulfill all your Charlie and The Chocolate Factory cravings and say bye-bye to cramps.

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