Best menstrual heating pad: Top 6 picks for you!

Are you tired of battling menstrual cramps? Here are some of the best menstrual heating pads for much-needed comfort from period cramps.
Try these menstrual heating pads to relieve period pain. Image courtesy: Adobe stock
Shruti Bhattacharya Updated: 10 May 2024, 18:10 pm IST

Menstruation brings along a plethora of problems such as bloating, mood swings, and most importantly menstrual cramps. If you are dealing with menstrual cramps, try using menstrual heating pads to ease the pain. Heating pads provide warmth and comfort to the abdomen area, which helps to relax the muscles and relieve period cramps. Heat can also help your back and abdominal muscles relax, which will lessen pain. It also boosts blood flow to your pelvic area. While there are many remedies and ways to soothe cramps, menstrual heating pads are the most convenient and effective way to reduce period pain. Here are some of the best menstrual heating pads handpicked for you!

How do heating pads relieve menstrual cramps?

From warm compresses to hot water bottles, heat has been used for decades as a home treatment for menstruation cramps. Applying heat to the lower abdomen or lower back relaxes uterine contractions, resulting in reduced pain during periods. According to a study published in the Scientific Report, heat promotes blood flow, which lessens discomfort during periods and gives you some relief.

6 best menstrual heating pads to get relief from period cramps

Check out the best menstrual heating  pads to ease period pain and cramps:

1. aGIOGIO Portable Cordless Heating Pad for Menstrual Cramps Relief

The cordless heating pad for cramps belt is made of high-quality soft fabric that is light and breathable while delivering comfort and warmth when worn against the skin. An LED display screen shows the temperature and speed. All waist sizes can easily be accommodated by adjusting the high-elastic belt. The belt is charged through the USB port. You can have a break with its heating or vibration features at home, at the workplace, on the way to work, or in other scenarios.

2. BRONTIX Period Cramp Heating Pad

This electric portable menstrual heat pad uses USB charging which is more convenient. You can choose the mode according to your needs for your period pain relief device. Moreover, it is designed to automatically shut down. If you fall asleep during use, it can ensure your safety. If you want to use it again, just turn it on again. The is great for heat and massage therapy as a period pain relief product and an electric heating pad for pain relief.

3. Be Me Menstrual Heating Pad

This portable menstrual heating pad is small and versatile, serving as a neck warmer, vibrating cramp soother, and wearable heater for targeted relief on the go. It prioritizes your safety with a 30-minute automatic power-off feature. It provides relief from period cramps, back pain, or any other pain. Since it is small in size, you can carry this menstrual heating pad to your office or while traveling.

4. VazzLox Period Cramp Relief Massager and Heating Pad

This menstrual heating pad is designed to provide solutions for abdominal discomfort or menstrual pain, allowing you to relax more comfortably at home. This device is made of high-quality soft fabric, which is light, breathable, comfortable, and warm when it is close to the skin. The high elastic belt can quickly adjust the waistband, suitable for all waist circumferences. Plus, it boosts 3-speed quick heating and 4-speed vibration modes. You can turn on the heating and massage at the same time. You can also adjust the temperature and massage mode to get the most comfortable setting for relieving discomfort on your abdomen waist or even back.

5. World Beauty Care Portable Cordless Heating Pad for Menstrual Cramps Relief

This electric portable heating pad device charges by USB, which makes it handy. It features three temperature settings that you may switch between based on your preferences. The back of the heating pad has an extremely soft and cosy contact surface that can both evenly distribute heat and make you feel comfortable. This waistband is customisable to fit any waist size since it takes the size of the waist into consideration. Additionally, you can use this heating pad in a variety of situations and it won’t disrupt your work or sleep.

6. Evereve Electric Menstrual Heating Pad

This menstrual heating pad is intended to provide gentle treatment for menstrual pain and discomfort. It includes a belt so you may adjust the pad to your ideal level of comfort. The surface that comes into touch with the skin is cushioned, providing maximum comfort. You can choose from 3 heating levels to create the optimal menstrual pain relief setting for your needs. Menstrual cramps are lessened and relaxation is encouraged by the built-in heating feature.

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How to use a menstrual heating pad for cramps?

It is easy to use a heating pad for cramps. Simply switch on the electric heating pad and get into a cosy posture to relax. Place it against your back on the couch for a few minutes, or wear it on your abdomen while at work. You’ll feel better after using the heating pad. Some women like to lie on their stomachs with a heating pad resting on their back, while others would rather lie on their back with the heating pad under their lower back. Another option is to put the heating pad against your back while seated on a couch cushion. Thus, you can use this portable menstrual heating pad in multiple ways to get relief from period pain.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Can a heating pad worsen cramps?

Yes, overuse of a heating pad may worsen menstrual cramps. To find a balance, try switching between heat and cold therapy, suggests a study published in the Scientific Report Nature Research.

2. How long can you use a heating pad to relieve cramps?

This varies from one person to another. However, the lower the temperature, the longer you should use the heating pad. Try setting the timer for 15 minutes at first. Gradually increase the time and heat if you discover that it helps and you can handle it.

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