Best menstrual cup steriliser: Top 6 picks for you

Keep your menstrual cup squeaky clean with the best menstrual cup steriliser! Check out our top picks to ensure vaginal hygiene and safety.
Menstrual cup sterilisers
Maintain vaginal hygiene with the best menstrual cup sterilisers. Image courtesy: Freepik
Shruti Bhattacharya Published: 21 Apr 2024, 12:00 pm IST
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Menstrual cups can be one of the most popular, sustainable, and comfortable menstrual products available in the market. A menstrual cup is a flexible, bell-shaped cup usually composed of medical-grade silicone or rubber. Menstrual blood can be collected for around 6 to 12 hours at a time. Plus, a menstrual cup is an affordable and environmentally good choice because it can last for several years if you keep it clean. However, it is critical to ensure that these cups are well-cleaned and sterilised. This is where the menstrual cup steriliser comes in handy. It is a device that uses multiple sterilisation processes to sanitise menstrual cups for ever use. Check out some of the best menstrual sterlisers in the market.

What is a menstrual cup steriliser?

A menstrual cup steriliser is a machine designed to eliminate all bacteria, fungus and other harmful organisms on menstrual cups. These sterilisers use a variety of sterilisation techniques, including steam, UV-C light, and chemical solutions to clean and sterilise the menstrual cups.

6 best menstrual cup steriliser brands in India

Wondering how to clean your menstrual cup? Check out these menstrual cup steriliser options to ensure you keep this period product hygienic and safe.

1. Sirona Menstrual Cup Steriliser

This menstrual cup sterliser is a hassle-free and perfect solution to disinfect the menstrual cup. This effectively kills up to 99.9% of dangerous bacteria, cleaning your cup completely. Your cup is perfectly hygienic, so you can use it without worrying about safety. Avoid using soap or detergent to guarantee there is no residue on the cup and prevent an imbalance in the pH level of the natural solution. It is simple to use. Simply pour water and place your menstruation cup (upside down) inside the steriliser. Cover the steriliser, plug it in, and press the power button. After two to three minutes of steam sterilisation, the power will automatically shut off. When it has cooled down, open the cover and your menstrual cup is ready for use.

2. Senziwash Menstrual Cup Sterilizer & Case

This menstrual cup steriliser and case are travel-friendly holders or sterilising cases. Just use water for a quick shake and wash, or go for a more thorough cleanse with microwaving and steam. With this silicone cup case, you can keep your menstrual cup or disc tucked away and near at hand! You may maintain the privacy of your cleaning sessions and conceal your period cups from view with this case. It is leak-proof even when it is shaken.

3. SAFECUP Menstrual Cup Sterilizer

This menstrual cup steriliser is easy to use in the washroom. Just pour water into the steriliser machine. Once the water level drops, the cup begins to steam. The steriliser automatically turns off after sterilisation is finished. Thus, you don’t have to stand and watch it. After the steriliser reaches a boil, the cup is steam-heated to the temperature of 100 degrees celsius for five minutes. It is easy to use, so you can clean your menstrual cup every day.

4. Carmesi Menstrual Cup Sterilizer

This menstrual cup steriliser is easy to handle. Sterilise your cup in 6 minutes, compared to the normal 10-15 minutes in hot water. Turn on the steriliser and observe as it quickly prepares your cup for use. There’s no need to wait any longer to sanitise your cups. When it comes to cleaning, it is much more effective and efficient than using conventional techniques like boiling it in water.

5. Menstrual Cup Sterilizer by Azah Clean

The Azah Menstrual Cup Steriliser features cutting-edge steam technology that eliminates 99.9% of germs, assuring perfect hygiene and safety. This steriliser can be used at home or in public facilities, providing convenience and peace of mind wherever you go. It’s not only a steriliser; it also functions as a travel case, giving you a sanitary way to keep your menstrual cup while you’re travelling. In addition, the sterilising procedure only takes three minutes thanks to an automatic power cut-off, which saves you time and energy when compared to conventional cleaning techniques.

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6. Lemme Be Menstrual Cup Sterilizer

This steriliser from Lemme Be claims to kill 99.9% of germs for both menstrual cups and discs. It’s easy to handle and carry. You can carry this portable menstrual cup steriliser to both public and personal places to maintain your hygiene. Moreover, it takes just 3-4 minutes to sterilise the cups and has automatic power cut-off mode which saves your time and energy.

How to use menstrual cup steriliser?

  • After following the manufacturer’s directions, set the steriliser and clean it before adding sterilising agents like water or disinfectants.
  • Sterilise the menstrual cup by submerging it completely or covering it with the sterilising agent.
  • Follow the directions for the sterilisation procedure which is mentioned in the device’s user manual.
  • Certain sterilisation methods, such as steam or UV-C light, may need pressing items, such as tablets or liquids in touch with water.
  • The sterilisation process takes 3-10 minutes depending on the sterilisation brand you have selected. Once the power is automatically cut off it’s ready to use the menstrual cup.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Is a steriliser necessary for a menstrual cup?

To maintain suitable cleanliness and reduce the danger of vaginal infections, go through the sterilisation process after each cycle. So, it may be necessary to sterilise your menstrual cups to maintain hygiene.

2. How many times should I sterilise the menstrual cup?

There are many different brands of menstruation cups available. Regardless of the one you select, the instructions are the same. During your menstrual cycle, you should take out and clean your cup at least once every 12 hours. You should also sterilise it after each cycle, or once a month.

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