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9 women recall the bloody horror of their worst period ever!

Periods are not that easy to deal with, but every woman has her own story of the worst period ever. Here, nine women shared theirs with us!
period stories
Period is no less than a horror movie, and these stories prove exactly that. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Shreya Gupta Published: 23 Nov 2020, 16:51 pm IST
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Waking up in the middle of the night only to find out that you have stained your bedsheet? Yes, it is horrifying but has happened to so many of us. That’s the thing with Aunt Flo, each woman has had her own story of the worst period ever.

It is extremely dreadful when one is experiencing it, but these things teach us a lot about menstrual management which we can share with our other friends. Meet these 9 women who very bravely faced period horror in their lives. Let’s listen to some of their period horror stories:

1. Bloody cramps!

“Cramps are the real nightmare. I was in the third semester when I got real bad cramps during college hours. The pain was so bad that I couldn’t even sit or stand. My friend came to my rescue and dropped me home that day. Cramps are normal, but on that particular day they were horrifying and I cannot forget the pain!”

— Kritika Sah, 21

2. Damn that stain!

“I was in school and ended up staining my salwar because of leakage. It was extremely embarrassing. I had to run to the washroom where I used soap to clean it and my friends helped me with that. Friends are the real saviours!”

— Divya Singh, 20

period hacks
Preventing stains can be a task! Image courtesy: Shutterstock
3. First time horrors

“When I got my period for the first time, I was so dumb that I actually showed it to my mom to confirm. I just hope she wasn’t grossed out!”

— Zodinthari Lungtau, 21

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4. Never step out without a pad

“We bunked school to watch a movie but I got my period in the middle of it all. To make the matter more complicated, none of us had a single sanitary napkin with us. My friends went out to find a pad, but by the time they returned, I had already stained my white school skirt. So, all our exciting plans for that day were disrupted by my uninvited period.”

— Megha Haldar, 31*

5. Pads are important guys

“If I had to tell the horror in one line, it was not getting to wear a pad for the whole day in spite of knowing my periods had started.”

— Sejal Agarwal, 20

6. And the first period horrors continue

“When I had my first period, my mom and dad were out of town and I was so scared because of the bleeding. I just kept changing my pants every 10 minutes. I wish I was more informed. It was indeed a traumatising experience.”

— Ananya Mehrotra, 29*

Also, watch:

7. Breakfast is important too, especially when you’re chumming

“I was on my way to attend early morning class and I got my periods in the metro. Since I hadn’t eaten anything for breakfast, my blood pressure dropped and the cramps were so bad that I had to deboard the metro. I waited at the station for 20 minutes until a friend arrived with medicine. My condition was so bad that I couldn’t even go back home and slept the whole day in the medical room of my college.”

— Kriti Chauhan, 32*

8. Actually, first periods are the worst!

“A few days before I got my first period, I saw an informatory advertisement on ovarian cancer. So, when I actually got my period, I thought I have ovarian cancer. It obviously scared the hell out of me. Only when I talked to my mother about the bleeding did she tell me that it’s normal and nothing to be worried about.”

— Hina Verma, 23

9. Festival or not, periods are forever…

“I went out with my friends during Durga Puja. Out of nowhere, I felt like I’m down but knew that my date wasn’t close. Hence, I wasn’t prepared at all. The result? I got my pants stained!”

— Sayani Sinha, 21

Yes, periods can be messy and horrifying but they’re a necessary evil all women have to adjust with!

*Names have been changed on request.

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