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8 women share the grossest things they have done on their period

Periods happen every month, and they leave us ‘not so happy’. 8 women share the grossest things they have done on their period, and trust us, you will have no words!
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Periods are crazy, period. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Geetika Sachdev Updated: 5 Mar 2021, 07:30 pm IST
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Each month, aunt Flo knocks at your door, and you experience a flurry of emotions. Now, let’s face facts: most of us do not love our periods. Rather, we cringe at the thought of chumming every month, because well, it isn’t the best feeling. You might have seen advertisements projecting blue liquids on sanitary napkins, playing tennis, partying and doing everything possible. But ladies, we all know that is exaggerated. Instead, it is difficult to drag ourselves out of bed in the first two days.

And let’s just say we all have our own weird period stories, right? That’s why we decided to get in touch with 8 women, and got them to share the grossest things they have done, when on their period. 

Are you ready to find out?

The itch you musn’t scratch 

“So, one night while sleeping, I felt very itchy down there. Half asleep and without realising that I’m on my period, I scratched myself, only to wake up to bloody hands and a displaced pad” — Shefali Chawla, 35, Panjim

Rationing your pads is a bad idea

“During the lockdown, we were in the red zone and were hence rationing. I don’t bleed as much on the fourth day onwards, so once on my period I used the same pad from day 4 to end of day 5. It was itchy and uncomfortable, and I’m never doing it again!” — Shreya C. Majumdar, 32, Dehradun

Gross crimes against tampon

One of the most gross things that I experienced during my period was that when I was removing my tampon I couldn’t find the string to pull it out. Eventually I have to dig in with my fingers down there. And when I finally got a hang of the string and removed it, a pool of blood just splashed in my hands. Eww! Trust me it was gross AF.”  Nikita Sinha, 33, New Delhi.

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Blood bath… literally!

“It happened when I was bathing. So, I was in this bath tub with my boyfriend and it was my first day and I usually don’t bleed that much on that very day. We were having wine and having fun. Suddenly I saw water turning a little pink. “Oh fuck, god please not now” this was I murmuring in my head and praying that this should not happen right now. And a few seconds later I saw a clot of blood floating right above the water of my bathtub. I was so embarrassed but thankfully my boyfriend calmed me down and he said, “relax, it happens’ ‘. But trust me it was embarrassing and gross at the same time.”  Ritu Bhatia, 28, Mumbai.

Accidents happen

I had once gone to a spa, and although I knew my period was around the corner, I wasn’t expecting it to happen the same day. I was in the sauna and I spotted blood spots on the floor. That’s exactly when I realised I had started chumming. I panicked so much and ended up going to the changing room. I also stained my clothes, but what was most embarrassing was the long trail of blood I left behind in the changing room. I rushed out of the place, before anyone could spot me”.  Prakriti Gujral, 29, Bangalore.

Look, but don’t touch!

“One day, I was getting home from college, and started my periods while travelling in the metro. I was standing near a door and because of the extreme heat and cramping, I almost fainted. Little did I realise that I had stained my jeans, but when a lady tried to help me get up, she accidentally touched my jeans and stained her hands. It was so gross, both for her and me. I can never forget this incident.”  Hansika Bansal, 22, Gurgaon 

Period sex gone wrong

I used to work in a co-working space, and hit it off with another person there. Within no time, we had crazy chemistry, and he invited me over. I was super thrilled and was up for a hot and heavy sesh in the bedroom. But guess what? We were in the middle of an intense lovemaking session, when I started bleeding. He thought he had hurt me, but no, it was my period. It was my first period sex experience, and I hope it never happens again, not even unintentionally.” Ritika Davar, 27, Gurgaon 

Make-shift pads anyone?

“I was at the office once, and started having horrible cramps. I got up to go to the washroom, and saw a huge blotch on my chair. When I went there, I figured that my periods had happened. Since they came in early, I wasn’t even prepared. So, I took out the entire roll of toilet paper and put it in my underwear like a pad.”  Rina Singh, 34, Gurgaon. 

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