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6 things every woman can relate to on the first day of her period

Menstruation is damn tough. The mood swings, pain, and discomfort only make matters worse. If you know what we’re talking about, then you'll surely relate to this.
first day of periods
When the mood swings become excesssive, you must visist the counsellor. GIF courtesy: GIPHY
Sonakshi Kohli Updated: 3 Jan 2020, 16:23 pm IST
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Every first in life is hard, don’t you think? From your first love to the first day at work to well, the first day of your period–firsts can get the better of you.

Periods especially are damn hard, considering there’s more than just blood and pain to deal with. Clearly, the struggle is real. But while you’re at it, here are six things you might be able to relate to:

1. Bloody Mary becomes bloody meri
Simply because everything related to you has blood on it. From toilet seats to underwear and of course sanitary napkins–everything is stained with blood!

2. Multitasking becomes your only resort
Battling weakness, dealing with excruciating stomach cramps, managing mood swings, adjusting to the heavy blood flow, and trying to continue with your normal day’s routine… phew! Periods are tough.

3. You feel like a Colgate tube
You know how toothpaste gushes out of the tube the moment you open its cap? Well it’s almost the same with you because the moment you wake up, stand up after sitting for a while, or simply sneeze—blood gushes out of little Miss Vayjayjay. Every move you make, every breath you take–your uterus is watching you, waiting to make it rain blood.

first day of periods
Things can get ridiculous, so sneeze carefully! GIF courtesy: GIPHY

4. There’s a perennial underwear mela going on in your washroom
Those fancy undies you bought with so much love are the first to be stained. Then its pink cousin follows, until all your pairs–including that cute polka-dotted one–are marked by your period blood. Not to mention, you have to throw a few pairs during every cycle because getting rid of the stains completely is an impossible task.

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5. The hot water bottle becomes your new boyfriend
The only thing that can make you feel better while your body’s flushing blood is a hot water bottle. After all, the heat from it can provide more comfort than the most caring boyfriend in the world and relieve your stomach cramps.

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menstrual cramps remedies
Don’t let them menstrual cramps get the better of you. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

6. You miss your cute skirts and white pants
If you have bloody heavy flow on the first day of their period, then you know it’s difficult to get through the day without a leak or two. In this case, a skirt or them pristine white pants can worsen your case. Don’t cry for them, or do–because those mood swings are insufferable in any case.

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