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4 great things about having a period that we NEED to talk about

Published on:23 December 2020, 17:05pm IST
You might hate your period, but guess what? They are actually good for your health and well-being. Read on to know more.
Geetika Sachdev
Periods are not bad, period. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

For long enough, periods have had a bad rap. Of course, we know how annoying period cramps are and how they can make us feel cranky and irritated. But all’s not dark and gloomy—there are several reasons why periods are important for women. And no, we aren’t just speaking of fertility and childbirth, but there’s so much more that we just don’t talk about! 

We aren’t going to beat around the bush and get straight to the paint. Are you ready to hear us out? Let’s go! 

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1. It makes you work out harder

Surprised? So are we! But it’s true. Because of a drop in oestrogen and progesterone levels, your body is better equipped to work out harder in the gym. We know you don’t feel like exercising during that time of the month, but guess what? It is the best time to do those high-intensity workouts (barring the first two days). According to experts, the more active and regular you are in working out, the less your cramps will bother you!

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2. Sex is so much more pleasurable

Yes, the thought of having sex during your period might sound utterly gross, but you know what? Women are naturally more turned on at this point, and although period sex might be messy, blood acts as a natural lube too. Let’s just say it out aloud: period sex is pretty fun! Plus, when you get an orgasm, your body releases a stream of endorphins, and reduces PMS symptoms.

3. Your menstrual cycle is your body’s in-built diagnostic tool

This is extremely important, because your menstrual cycle truly tells a lot about your health and well-being. Whether it’s the emotional and physical changes or the quantity and quality of blood—changes in menstruation patterns can indicate if something is not right with your body. It works as an early warning system and that’s actually great. That way it can help you notice any underlying ailments, so that you can take action on time.

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4. It makes you age slower

According to experts, the reason women live longer than men is because they lose iron every month from their bodies. This iron is important for the production of free radicals and increases your chances of getting age-related ailments. And that’s actually amazing, because it keeps a lot of scary illnesses at bay! We told you, periods are actually good for you.

So ladies, fret not! Your periods are actually helping you lead a happy and healthy life. That’s all that matters!


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