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12 women talk to us about natural hacks that they use to beat nasty period cramps

We know, we know.. period cramps can be quite annoying. But we have got some natural hacks for menstrual pain that can help you a great deal!
menstrual hygiene day
Period pain is so excruciating , you want to punch a wall? Seek immediate medical help, ladies. GIF courtesy: GIPHY
Ainee Nizami Updated: 3 Feb 2020, 13:11 pm IST
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If I could, I’d spend five days a month buried under my blanket, watching Netflix and eating lots of comfort food. Unfortunately, I do not have that luxury, and I am guessing neither do most of you, which means that on most days we have to learn to ignore the period cramps and keep going.

However, thankfully, doing this on a monthly basis, for decades, has also led to a lot of experience. We asked 12 women to list the most effective, and natural hack they use to deal with period cramps, and their answers were amazing.

Bookmark this list and thank us later:

1. The comfy hot water bottle
“Three words—hot water bottle. It definitely makes the day easier.”

Pooja Maheshwary, 29, Mumbai

2. Bring evening primrose oil to your rescue
“Evening primrose oil helps with PMS and also reduces the intensity of the cramps.”

Soujanya Raj, 33, Sydney

3. The good ol’ ajwain tea
“A piping hot cup of ajwain tea can work wonders.”

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Ramandeep V Singh, 33, Pune

how to treat period cramps
From a chirpy to turning into godzilla, women can easily switch between these moods during her periods! GIF courtesy: GIPHY

4. Sip on coconut water
“Along with using a hot water bag, I also sip on coconut water all day long. It really calms and relaxes me.”

Malavikka Sridharan Sundar, 28, Bangalore

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5. Hot chocolate can cure anything and everything
“You need a hot water bottle for the pain and a cup of hot chocolate for the mood.”

Pushpika Singh, 35, Gurgaon

6. Changing sleep positions could work wonders too
“I tend to sleep on my stomach with my legs curled up as this position helps relieve the pain and also helps with the flow. Also, my late-night binge includes chocolate which definitely lifts my mood.”

Megha Ruparel Datany, 35, Mumbai

7. Natural laxatives FTW!
“I always consume a natural laxative two to three days before my periods are due. It cleans up my digestive system and reduces pain to half.”

Ketki Joshi, 34, Ahmedabad

8. Cut down on your salt intake
“Evening primrose oil and vitamin E supplements and yoga. Also, less salty food ten days before and during periods.”

Roopal Rashomani Kewalya, 35, Mumbai

9. Don’t skip your workout regime
“I make sure to do strength training the week before the date. Workout releases hormones, which act as a natural painkiller. The cramps and mood swings get reduced to a great extent.”

Janki Rana, 24, Mumbai

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10. A desi superfood for all—fenugreek
“I consume fenugreek seeds with water and it really helps me in dealing with my stomach cramps.”

Komal Damani Parekh, 30, Mumbai

how to treat period cramps
Keep your belly full to avoid period cramps. GIF Courtesy: Wreck It Ralph/Disney via Giphy

11. Don’t stay empty stomach
“I use a hot water bottle and make sure my stomach is not empty at all because that increases the pain.”

Surbhi Sharma, 24, Delhi

12. A 4-ingredient superfood concoction
“I drink warm milk with turmeric, cinnamon and jaggery. Turmeric helps with immunity, cinnamon with the pain and jaggery for iron fortification.”

Mukta Kunte, 42, Mumbai

So keep these tips handy and use them the next time you suffer from period cramps.

  • 66
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