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What’s it like to have sex during periods? 10 Indian women answer

Are you also embarrassed or uncomfortable with period sex? We got 10 women to share their views.
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Keep a track of your period dates. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Aayushi Gupta Published: 20 Feb 2021, 09:30 am IST
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When I got my first period, I had so many questions about menstruation. For a considerable part of my adult life, I wondered about having sex during the visitation from Aunt Flo. Well, many of us are uncomfortable talking about the possibility of such a scenario due to the social taboo around it.

Ladies, if you’ve had the same questions, it would be reassuring to know that not only is period sex safe but can also help ease the painful cramps.

To understand it better, I asked 10 Indian women to share their take on period sex. Here’s what they told me:

1. “It’s an amazing feeling! I feel hornier during those days. It is a beautiful feeling when your partner also gets involved in it without any concern about the period blood smell. For me, period sex is relaxing or a way of getting more being comfortable with my partner.” —Apoorva 25, Dehradun.

period sex
Having sex during periods is absolutely normal. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

2. “Period sex can be a bit messy and also a gross concept to some couples, but depending upon the comfort and how willing people are to experiment with something new in bed, it can be a choice. There are advantages to having sex during periods, but it is still taboo. Hence, it becomes necessary to have a clear discussion with the partner and a clear evaluation of one’s comfort.” Muskan 22, New Delhi

3. “I feel if two people are comfortable, then there’s nothing wrong with it. Though it might sound gross for some, I have heard that it helps in relieving menstrual cramps which is actually fascinating.”—Shreya 21, Kolkata

4. “I think it’s completely fine to have sex during your periods. I have done that and frankly speaking, I had fun. Of course, it was a little messy, but I tried menstrual disc and that resolved the issue.”—Nikita 32, Delhi.

5. “I think period sex should be completely pro-choice. Feeling comfortable physically and psychologically is the biggest concern for any person, and if a woman is comfortable enough during periods and she and her partner have a mutual understanding, who is anyone else to judge? But personally, I don’t think it will be comfortable for a woman with bad cramps because sex should be comfortable and pleasurable for both the people involved.”—Aparna 21, New Delhi.

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6. “While I am not grossed out by it, I do think it’s a messy affair and I really don’t like cleaning up after.” —Meghna 31, New Delhi.

7. “The period’s phase is something personal and sex during that time can be messy. I can’t handle that!”—Divya 22 New Delhi.

8. “I would say that it is a personal choice. As long as I can maintain hygiene and feel comfortable, I can do it. It also depends on the level of intimacy between a couple because it’s an experience and maybe it’s not for everyone.”—Manvi 23, New Delhi.

period sex
Period sex and pregnancy are closely related to each other. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

9. “Period sex is very unsafe and messy at the same time. There is a high probability of disease spread and I would say don’t try it, especially in heavy flows. I mean, I would never do that.—Kirti 25, Mumbai.

10. “I hate the thought of having sex during periods because if I do, my partner is going to get menstrual blood on his penis and this will make me uncomfortable. I do appreciate it because it has its own benefits so no big deal!”—Naina 24, Meerut.

Ladies, you do you when it comes to period sex and make sure you’re comfortable with the choice you’ve made!

  • 78
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