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Don’t compromise on your vaginal health, and stock up on these 4 vitamins

Vitamins are also important for the health of your vagina, know the reason and dietary sources that will help you fulfill these requirements.
vaginal health
Your vaginal health needs the right foods too! Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Team Health Shots Published: 1 Nov 2022, 20:30 pm IST
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We all pay attention when it comes to hair, eyes and skin. And we know that to keep them healthy, it is necessary to include the necessary vitamins in our daily diet. But do you know that the lack of vitamins can also be responsible for the problems happening in your vagina? You might associate your vaginal health to your increasing age or poor hygiene. But in reality, your vaginal health can also be affected due to not getting the necessary vitamins in the proper amount. Let us find out about some foods which are essential for your vaginal health.

Nutritional deficiency can affect your vaginal health

Our vaginal health is often affected due to many reasons. Sometimes, vaginal dryness occurs due to the use of bad lube available in the store, and sometimes bacterial infection has to be faced due to the use of common washrooms. There may be times when the vagina gets affected due to the wrong condom choice of the partner, but there may also be instances where lack of nutrition can also affect it.

Sexologists say that just as foods rich in vitamins are taken to keep the body healthy, in the same way, foods rich in vitamins should be taken to keep the vagina healthy. Vitamins are essential for vaginal health. If there is a problem of dryness or itching in the vagina, then start taking a diet rich in vitamins as they are very important to keep the vagina healthy.

vaginal health
Vitamin deficiency can be a reason for your poor vaginal health. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Why are vitamins important for vaginal health?

A.M. Adiola’s book “Healthy Vagina: Uncomfortable Foods for Vaginal Health” states that the vagina is the most sensitive and tender area of ​​the body. Vitamins are essential to keep it healthy for its proper functioning. Vitamins also help with normal cell function. Due to its deficiency, many problems such as dryness, itching and bad odour can also occur in the vagina. Therefore vitamins are necessary for vaginal health.Vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin E and vitamin D are especially important for vaginal health.

Foods and vitamins required for good vaginal health

1. Vitamin A provides moisture

A.M. Adiola explains in his book that the lining of the vagina makes up the mucus membrane and due to this, moisture remains in the vagina. Lining also promotes collagen production. Vitamin A is very important for this function.

The beta-carotene compound present in foods with vitamin A removes dryness. Vitamin A is found in green leafy vegetables, carrots, broccoli, kale etc. Despite including all these in the diet, if you are feeling the problem, then after consulting the doctor, you can also take vitamin A supplements.

2. Vitamin B balances hormones

There are many types of secretions observed from the vagina. Due to this, the vagina remains moist and stays away from all kinds of infections. Vitamin B deficiency can lead to hormonal imbalance and weakening of the immune system. To fulfill this essential vitamin, you should include cheese, potatoes, poultry, fish, etc. in your diet regularly. Keep in mind that there must be a balance in the consumption of these things. There is a possibility of having stomach pain and other problems due to their excessive consumption.

Foods for vaginal health
Let Vitamin B take care of your vaginal health!

3. Seeds can give vitamin E

Vitamin E has a cure for most problems that occur during perimenopause or post menopause. Consuming more foods rich in vitamin E does not cause any problem. At the same time, excessive intake of supplements containing vitamin E can cause more bleeding. So it is important to be careful before including it in your diet.

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Any type of nuts, seeds and fruits can help fulfill your requirements of Vitamin E. Pumpkin and sunflower seeds are especially effective in this.

4. Sunshine for vitamin D

This bone-strengthening vitamin is also essential for vaginal health. Studies show that older women who included foods rich in vitamin D in their diet could control vaginal dryness.

Vitamin D requirements can be met by consuming cow’s milk, egg yolk, oatmeal, vegan milk, salmon, orange juice etc.

vitamin d for vaginal health
Soak up some sunshine for good vaginal health! Image courtesy: Shutterstock

So, this is a list of some important vitamins and foods that you must keep in mind for good vaginal health.


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