Here’s what you are getting wrong about cleaning your vaginal area. And how to do it the right way

You vaginal area is one of the most sensitive parts of your body and yes there’s a right way to clean it! This is how must take care of your lady bits.
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You don't need any fancy products to wash your vagina. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Shreya Gupta Published: 22 Nov 2020, 21:06 pm IST
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Conversations about the vagina and anything related to it have been hushed so much that they have almost become taboos. This, of course, has given birth to several myths and misconceptions. And now even those living with a vagina suffer from an acute lack of knowledge about an essential body part.

Now, we know that vagina should be treated gently and with special products. While the former part is true, the latter part isn’t. Yes, you need to be gentle with your vulva but it doesn’t require any special or fancy products. 

Then how should you clean your vagina? Is just water enough? What about soap? Well, today we are answering these pertinent questions for you here:

1. Should you use intimate washes?

Ever since the market got flooded with intimate washes, women started to feel the need to buy them. But, experts suggest that you can very well skip intimate washes and still maintain a healthy vagina. Moreover, many a time the chemical and fragrance in the intimate washes can disrupt your vagina’s pH balance and can wash away the good bacteria as well.

2. Should you use soap?

So, if not intimate washes, can you use soaps? Yes, a mild, fragrance-free soap is good to go. According to Dr Nupur Gupta, Director, Department Of Obstetrics And Gynaecology, Fortis, Gurugram, “It is completely safe to use soap to clean the vulva region.” But ensure that it is chemical and fragrance-free.

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Take care of your vay-jay-jay the right way! Image courtesy: Shutterstock
3. What all areas should you be cleaning?

Dr Gupta says, “When we talk about washing the intimate area, we’re referring to cleaning the vulva and not the vagina. This is something most women are not aware of. It is the vulva that needs to be washed regularly and not your vagina.”

Ensure that you are only cleaning the outer region and keeping the soap away from the vaginal opening.

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4. Hot water or cold water?

When it comes to the temperature of the water, Dr Gupta suggests that using warm water is a better choice. While you can use cold water as well, warm water can help kill some of the bad bacteria.

5. How do you wash it?

Yes, there’s a correct way. Dr Gupta suggests that you should always wash your vulva from the front to back movement. And why so? As she says, “Washing from back to front can result in bacteria entering your vagina opening and causing certain infections.”

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And after you are done washing, make sure you are patting it dry as leaving it wet can cause vaginal infections.

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