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These are absolute worst feminine hygiene products, according to a gynaecologist

Updated on:2 May 2021, 12:39pm IST
Your vagina is delicate and sensitive, and so much NEVER EVER treat them with these feminine hygiene products.
Shreya Gupta
feminine hygiene products
Maintain a healthy vagina by staying away from harmful products. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Consider any knowledge around feminine hygiene to be a well-guarded secret. Wondering why we are saying this? Well because apart from a few things that gynecologists preach, we get most of our information from ads for feminine hygiene products–which let’s face it are more gimmicky and less educational.

Then there’s the sad reality in which most women know the difference between the vagina and the vulva. Which makes taking care of their private parts all the more consuming. As a result, we women, end up assuming that everything that is available in the market, labelled as a feminine hygiene product is safe to use.  

But did you know that you could be doing your intimate health some serious harm by using certain products? Dr Sadhna Sharma, clinical director and consultant obstetrician, Miracles Mediclinic & Apollo Cradle Hospital, Gurugram points out a few products that all women should steer clear of. 

1. Tampons featuring have dangerous chemicals

What if we tell you that one of the most commonly-used period products, tampons, might not be good for your health. Dr Sharma explains, “Tampons contain chemicals such as BPA and BPS which are extremely dangerous chemicals. They have the potential to affect embryonic development and are also associated with cancer and heart disease.”

Also, listen:

2. Scented pads and tampons that promise to keep period odour away

Odour neutralizers, dioxin, and some other harmful chemical can disrupt the immune, endocrine, and hormonal systems of your body. Wearing products with these ingredients can cause rashes, vaginal infections, and toxic shock syndrome–especially when you wear them for a long time,” says Dr Sharma.

3. Vaginal washes

The market is filled with crazy feminine hygiene products that promise to clean your nether regions, including cleansers, wipes, sprays, and creams. But ladies, let us put it out there once and for all: you don’t need any of these fancy products! Dr Sharma says: “The chemicals present in these products can alter the natural microbiome within the vagina and a change in pH level leading to infections and even.”

Also, watch:

These items have many toxic chemicals that can cause allergic reactions, headaches, and vomiting, as well as more severe fertility complications in some instances.

So ladies, make the smart choice and don’t fall for the fake market gimmicks! Your vay-jay-jay deserves better.

Shreya Gupta Shreya Gupta

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