Is your pubic hair turning grey in your 20s? These 8 culprits could be the reason why

Greying of hair, even pubic hair, is a sign of ageing. But if you’re still in the 20s or 30s then these 8 culprits could be to blame for your grey hair down there.

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Shreya Gupta Published: 31 Jul 2020, 19:00 pm IST
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Grey pubic hair? It might have surprised you at first but greying of hair is a part of mother nature’s plan and pubic hair is no different. And there’s nothing to be embarrassed about.

With age, our hair follicles decrease their melanin production which is responsible for colour pigmentation, and thus the hair turns grey. But if it’s happening to you at a young age, there could be multiple health and lifestyle factors behind it. 

To find the culprits behind premature greying of pubic hair we contacted Dr Sachin Dhawan, senior consultant, department of dermatology, Fortis Memorial Research Institute, Gurugram. Here’s what he has to say: 

1. Genetics
According to Dr Dhawan, one of the many common reasons is your family history. If either of your parent’s hair has turned grey earlier than expected, then the chances are higher that you’ll suffer the same fate. Though your pony will start greying first and then your nether hair.

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2. Hormonal imbalance
Says Dr Dhawan: “People with hyperthyroidism may see their pubic hair greying.” If you see other symptoms of hyperthyroidism, getting checked is a good idea.

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3. Micro-nutrient deficiencies
Vitamins like B55 and para-aminobenzoic acid can also cause early greying and for that Dr Dhawan suggests that you should take supplements after consulting your doctor.

4. Vitamin B-12 deficiency
What you eat plays an important role in your body’s functioning. If you are vitamin B-12 deficient, then your body won’t be able to produce enough healthy red blood cells which can accelerate the greying process. If you’re a vegetarian or vegan, try including vitamin-b12 rich food in your diet.

5. Smoking
A research conducted by the University of Jordan and published on PubMed has shown a significant relationship between cigarette smoking and an early onset of greying before the age of 30. Smokers were found to be 2.5 times more likely to find their hair prematurely grey.

Do you know, smoking cigarettes can cause greying of pubic hair?

6. Stress
A study conducted by New York University on mice found that stress reduces the stem cells below the hair follicle which can lead to the greying of hair.

7. Products high on chemical and perfumes
Dr Dhawan says, “Intimate washes or soaps that are high on perfumes should be avoided as they might injure cells that produce melanin. Hair removal creams should also be avoided in the area as it’s loaded with harsh chemicals that can lead to premature greying of your hair down there.”

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8. Vitiligo
Medical conditions like vitiligo, an autoimmune disease, affects your skin and hair colour all over the body. The condition arises either because melanin production has stopped or died. If you suspect white skin patches then you should see a doctor.

Dr Dhawan concludes: “Eat a balanced diet to avoid any deficiencies that can lead to greying of your nether hair, avoid hair removal creams at all cost and try to be as gentle as possible.”

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