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For the simplest and safest way to wash your vagina, click here!

Do you still don't know the right way to wash your vagina? Don't worry! Dr Cuterus recommended a way to keep your vagina clean and safe.
feminine wash during periods
Treat your vaginal health and hygiene with care. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Aayushi Gupta Published: 25 Jan 2022, 05:00 pm IST
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To clean your body, you require soap or body wash, right? But what do you need when it comes to keeping your vagina clean?

Your vagina is sensitive and chemical-based soaps can disturb the pH level of the vagina and can cause all sorts of issues, like infections, foul odour, or irritation down there. If you are still confused or don’t know how to clean your vagina and want to feel squeaky clean down there without any risk, you’re at the right place.

Recently, Dr Tanaya Narendra, who goes by the name or dr_cuterus on Instagram, shared an Instagram reel on the right way to wash the vagina. According to her, it’s absolutely simple!

“How to wash your vagina? Well, actually you don’t have to wash your vagina,” says Dr Narendra. Do you know why? Well, because your vagina has the power of self cleansing. And that’s why it needs minimal care, but in the right way because a minor mistake can lead to infection or other problems.

“All you have to do is when you are in the shower, you can use a mild soap. You can use an intimate hygiene wash. Just make sure they’re unscented and they don’t contain glitter and stuff that can irritate you. And you don’t even have to use this,” she adds.

Check out the post here:

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So that’s it? Not yet. Dr Narendra shared a way to clean your vagina.

Here’s the right way to wash your vagina:

1. Use only warm water to clean your vagina.

2. Don’t put anything inside your vagina. The vagina is the canal on the inside.

3. Nothing goes inside, not even water.

4. With the rest of the cleaning situation. What you can do is go around with a clean finger, go between the lips, the big lips, and the small lips, clean around them.

5. Clean the clitoral hood.

6. Don’t stick your fingers in, no matter what.

7. You can also clean around your bum because that’s important, but don’t bring your bum cleaning hand in the front.

That’s it!

how to wash vagina
You don’t need any fancy products to wash your vagina. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Also, follow these tips to keep your vagina clean and safe:

1. Avoid using fragrant soap and scented intimate washes.

2. Ensure to keep soap away from the vaginal opening.

3. Always use warm water to clean it because it helps to kill bacteria.

4. Wash from front to back to avoid the risk of bacterial infections.

5. Say no to douching.

6. Avoid wearing fabric clothes such as satin, silk, and polyester. Instead, wear cotton clothes and change them regularly.

7. Lastly, drink enough water to stay hydrated. Hydration is important to maintain the pH level of the vagina.

Remember ladies, your vagina has self-cleaning powers. That’s why using basic soap and water is more than enough to keep its hygiene in check!

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