The next time you go underwear shopping, remember these tips for the sake of your vagina

You might think buying undies is only about keeping the colour and style in mind, but there’s a lot more you need to pay attention to.

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Geetika Sachdev Published on: 29 Jan 2021, 17:27 pm IST
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Let’s face the truth: women have a soft spot for lingerie. Going to a lingerie store for women is exactly like a kid going to a candy store. You just want to buy everything! Now, when you particularly go underwear shopping, it is almost instinctive to shop for pairs that are sexy and will make you feel like a sexy goddess. But is that good enough? The answer is no. Apart from checking out its colour, cut and style, you need to assess if it’s good for your vagina or not. 

Did you know that there are certain materials which if worn for long can cause severe itching and irritation, and put you at a higher risk of yeast or vaginal infections? So then how should you pick the right underwear? Well, as always, we are here for you. 

Here are some pointers to help you buy vagina-friendly underwear

It is a no-brainer but you need to buy panties that are comfortable for you. But every woman’s body is different, so for some hipsters work best, while for others, the bikini cut is more feasible. Whatever you buy, make sure you feel good and that it’s comfortable. Also, be very sure of the size you buy. You might want to fit into a smaller size, but if it’s going to make you feel uncomfortable, STOP right away! A tight underwear can lead to vaginal and vulva irritation. 

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You might want to feel sexy in that lacy underwear with all the frills. And we don’t blame you. Slipping into it occasionally is fine, but if you wear it regularly, then you could suffer from chafing and redness. 

The same happens with thongs. If you wear one that is too tight or is crafted from synthetic fabric, then it can slide into your butt cheeks and cause irritation. Moreover, it could even lead to cuts in your rectum, which can then trigger further infection. 

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So what’s the best underwear for your vagina? The one made with pure cotton. Some people prefer panties that are made from nylon, polyester, and spandex, but these synthetic materials trap heat and moisture. Cotton, on the other hand, is breathable. It not only makes you feel comfy, but keeps your vagina healthy too! When it’s not cotton, you could put yourself at a high risk of getting yeast infections. 

Sometimes, the market offers more cotton-blended underwears. If another material is used in a very low percentage, then you can make an exception.

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So, what’s bad for your vagina?

First of all, NEVER buy underwear in a smaller size than yours. You really do not want to experience irritation and itching all day long! Some research suggests that ill-fitting underwear can also cause ingrown hair. 

This is really a no-brainer, but needs to be said out aloud: stay away from sweaty undies. Always change your underwear after working out or sweating, because the moisture can cause yeast and bacterial infections. You wouldn’t want that, would you?

Thongs must also be avoided. That’s because they tend to be less hygienic than other varieties. Because of the unique design, there’s also going to be some bacteria that’s going to stick around, and it isn’t healthy at all. E.coli is the most common bacteria found in the colon, and as the material of the thong moves, it passes it on to the vagina or urethra. You wouldn’t even realise but that thong may be depositing colonic bacteria! 

Last but not the least, try to stay away from shapewear, because it comes with a lot of risks. Research suggests that overly-tight shapewear can cause digestive issues, as well as frequent UTIs. 

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