Suffering at the hands of chafing down there? Here are 5 tips that can help

Published on:3 October 2020, 09:00am IST
Chafing can be extremely painful, and no one deserves to go through it. Here are some simple ways to deal with it
Shreya Gupta
Beat chafing with these simple tips. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
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Chafing happens to almost everyone, and while there’s nothing to worry about, it doesn’t mean you have to sit back and endure the pain!  It can happen anywhere where there’s skin-to-skin contact, but one of the most common areas is the vaginal area.

The major cause of chafing is the combination of sweat and friction, and if you’re someone who is physically active, we’re sure you’ll have to deal with this uncomfortable situation from time to time. Chafing can range from mild to extreme with just redness and irritated skin, to bacterial or yeast infection, so it’s important to keep a check on it from the very beginning!

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And even if you are not that physically active, certain things like the fabric of any cloth can cause chafing. You never know when these tips come handy, so keep reading!

As mentioned above, the biggest cause of chafing is the combination of moisture and friction. So, here’s how you can avoid it:

1. Keep yourself clean
Start with the easiest thing, and that means you must take a proper bath every day. Daily activity leads to the build-up of dirt, and sweat in your thigh area, which is called thigh grime. This causes chafing, so bathing after a vigorous physical activity is always important!

If for some reason, you aren’t able to bathe, try to clean the sweat and dirt with the help of a clean cloth or wipe.

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2. Use a powder
We all know powders are great when it comes to absorbing moisture. If you have a baby powder lying around, you can use it to apply around your groin area to prevent any build up of moisture. But make sure you aren’t using cosmetic powder or any other powder that is heavily perfumed.

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3. Apply an anti-chafing cream
Anti-chafing creams are a type of lubricants that prevent friction. So if you are someone who is way too active physically, then keeping one handy can help you avoid all the pain that comes with chafing!

If you don’t have an anti-chafing cream or have run out of them, then petroleum jelly can also be used. Although it is inexpensive, it’s a little messy. So, see what works best!

4. Keep your pubic hair trimmed
Sometimes the hair down there can make chafing worse, so keep your pubic hair short and trimmed. But make sure you are not shaving them completely as it can make the situation even worse. Shaved skin makes the skin bare and more prone to chafing.

Pubic hair, don’t care! Image courtesy: Shutterstock

5. Skip underwear at night
Wearing underwear all the time is a good habit, but going commando at night is okay. When you are wearing underwear your most delicate skin is protected from the rubbing of any external material. But make sure you choose the right kind of fabric for your undies. Cotton fabric is hands down the best, so ditch all the other ones!

Aren’t these tips super simple? Follow these and keep chafing in control, ladies!


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