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UTI: Here’s a pro tip to keep urinary tract infection at bay

Drinking plenty of water is not only important for your overall health but also to keep diseases like UTI at bay.
UTI during pregnancy
UTI can be common during pregnancy. Image courtesy: Adobe Stock
Manasvi Jain Published: 16 Dec 2022, 17:30 pm IST
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Ladies, have you been experiencing frequent Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs) lately? UTIs can happen due to various reasons ranging from lack of proper hygiene to water dehydration. Yes, you heard it right! Many experts report that UTIs can be caused by a lack of proper hydration and are a major cause of women suffering from this problem. Here’s how drinking enough water can help you keep UTI at bay.

According to a study published in the National Library of Medicine, dehydration may increase the risk of urinary tract infections, which can lead to confusion, falls, acute kidney injury and hospital admission. The study observes that elderly women admitted due to UTI have dehydration as the common cause. Before we take a look at how dehydration can cause UTI, let’s understand what this infection is.

Not having enough water? This might be the reason you get frequent UTIs. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

What is UTI?

Dr Ayush Khetarpal, Urologist at Apollo Spectra, defines a UTI as an infection in any part of one’s urinary system meaning the kidneys, ureters, bladder and urethra. Most infections are seen in the lower urinary tract which means the bladder and urethra. “Various studies have confirmed that women have higher chances of suffering from UTIs when compared to men. This is so because women tend to have shorter urethras,” says Dr Khetarpal.

He further cautions that serious consequences can occur if a UTI spreads to your kidneys as UTI is known to take a toll on your overall well-being. The doctor says that having fever, chills, and flank pain can be symptoms of UTI caused due to dehydration. Hence, one should drink enough water and consult their doctor on an immediate basis. As UTI can be troublesome and restrict your daily activities, it is better to seek timely medical attention for this problem.

If you have symptoms of a UTI, immediately get in touch with your doctor. Image Courtesy: Freepik

Symptoms of UTIs

According to Dr Khetarpal, an urge to urinate frequently, burning sensation while urinating, painful urination, cloudy urine, urine that appears red or bright pink, smelly urine, and even pelvic pain are some of the common symptoms of a UTI. If you tend to have these symptoms then it is imperative for you to consult the doctor and opt for appropriate treatment. Your doctor will only suggest a line of treatment after diagnosis. The expert will also advise you to drink plenty of water and other fluids to stay hydrated and keep UTIs away.

How can drinking water prevent UTIs in women?

Drinking water, as per Dr Khetarpal, will allow dilution of your urine and ensure that you urinate more frequently. Frequent urination will allow the bacteria to be flushed out from the urinary tract and stop the infection from spreading further. It is essential that women drink at least 2-3 litre of water on a daily basis as proper intake of water can help to reduce frequent UTIs.

Drink water to prevent uti
Drink plenty of water to keep UTIs at bay! Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Do not take a urinary tract infection lightly at all. It is essential to take utmost care of yourself and stay healthy!


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