Worried about a ‘loose vagina’? Try vaginal tightening naturally with these 5 tips

Loose vagina can be a result of several factors including childbirth and age! However, you can use these 5 tips for vaginal tightening.
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Aayushi Gupta Updated: 27 Feb 2024, 14:59 pm IST
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A loose vagina can become a concern in every woman’s life, especially after regular sex and childbirth. Have you been wondering how to tighten your vagina?Instead of fretting over what causes a loose vagina, whether it’s a myth or not, why not indulge in those activities which can aid vaginal tightening and make the muscles stronger?

Health Shots got in touch with Obstetrician and Gynaecologist Dr Swetha M.P,  who rolled out tips for vaginal tightening to help you take care of a loose vagina.

Is a loose vagina permanent?

Vaginal health is surrounded by a lot of myths and misconceptions. Vaginal elasticity is one such common topic that is not talked about a lot and thus, it is surrounded by misconceptions. Some people believe vaginas can lose their elasticity forever. And this is not true at all. There are various things that you can try for vaginal tightening.

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Dr Swetha says, “Your vagina is elastic and can stretch or shrink to accommodate in situations. Some events in your life like pregnancy affect your vaginal stretchability but like any other muscle, they are good at expanding and retracting. Nothing will cause your vagina to become ‘loose’ permanently.”

Causes behind loose vagina

Over a period of time, these are certain factors that can cause loose vagina:

1. Age

With age, muscles and tendons in your pelvic floor become weak and this can result in loose vagina. You may even experience leak urine, pelvic pain and pain while having sex.

2. Childbirth

When you become pregnant, your body is pushed to its limits to accommodate a growing child and during childbirth the muscles along with the vaginal canal expand to make room for the baby. This can weaken your walls and result in loose vagina.

3. Other factors

Other factors such as multiple child birth, traumatic injury, health conditions or menopause are also responsible to result in loose vagina.

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Can your vagina get loose from having too much sex?

It is important to note frequent sex or lack of it will not cause it to change. It’s a myth that many people believe that too much sex can result in loose vagina.

Sex does not result in loose vagina. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Benefits of vaginal tightening

It helps in improving symptoms of vaginal atrophy. Many women face the issue of vaginal dryness, this can also be solved through vaginal tightening. It also improves the symptoms of stress-related urinary incontinence. In fact, Dr Swetha says, “Vaginal tightening decreases friction during intercourse and reduces any pain.”

How to make your vagina tighter?

If you want to take certain steps towards vaginal tightening and strengthening your vaginal muscles, there is nothing better than exercise. Some exercises specifically help with it. Let’s take a look:

1. Kegel exercises

If you are wondering how to tighten your vagina naturally, then kegal exercises are the best. The pelvic floor supports the uterus, bladder, small intestine and rectum and kegel exercises are used to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. To engage in Kegel exercises, you need to first identify pelvic floor muscles. Kegels involve clenching and releasing of these muscles to build strength which aids in vaginal tightening.

Kegel exercises can help you strengthen pelvic muscles. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

2. Pelvic tilt exercise

Pelvic tilt exercise is done for vaginal tightening as well as strengthening your abdominal muscles. To perform this you have to stand with shoulders and butt against a wall. Then, pull the belly button toward your spine. You have to tighten your bellybutton for at least 4 seconds before you release.

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3. Squats

Doing squats along with kegel exercises is a great way to tone your pelvic area and tighten your vaginal muscles. To do this, you have to stand with stretched legs and hips turned out, then lower yourself as if sitting on a bench. Repeat this procedure several times. What’s more? It can also give you a rounder butt. You can also perform squats with weights (dumbbells) in your hands.

4. Legs up exercise

Raise your legs against the wall. It is an excellent exercise to tighten up the vagina and to develop pelvic muscle strength. You can perform this exercise in the morning before leaving your bed.

Do the legs up pose right, and take support from a wall! Image courtesy: Shutterstock

5. Yoga

The contraction and expansion of the pelvic floor muscles are assisted by yoga asanas. You can practise Titli Asana, Prasarita Padottanasana, Chakrasana, and Supta Vajrasana to keep your vagina healthy. According to Dr Swetha, who further states that “Yoga poses that include the pelvis can also help in tightening the vagina.”

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