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Can you use baking soda to treat yeast infections? Let’s find out

Baking soda-based home remedies are believed to treat yeast infections in a quick and effective way. Today we delve deep into them.
baking soda for bee sting
Baking soda can help deal reduce pain after a bee sting. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Aayushi Gupta Updated: 30 Oct 2023, 15:13 pm IST
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Whenever it comes to vaginal health, many women suffer from fungal infections. The most common infection is yeast infection and its symptoms include vaginal itching, burning sensation, irritation, white discharge, and sometimes inflammation. 

Though yeast infection can happen to anyone at any time, there are a variety of reasons that can make a person more susceptible than others to catch this infection. These factors include lack of sleep, weak immune system, diabetes, hormonal imbalance and unhealthy eating habits. 

Here’s what causes yeast infection

Vagina contains a healthy balance of bacteria and yeast. The hormone estrogen helps bacteria called lactobacilli to grow and these bacteria kill harmful microorganisms, keeping it healthy. However, in case this balance is disturbed, a fungus called ‘Candida’ may  grow out of control, causing a yeast infection. 

Sometimes, people get confused between yeast infection and bacterial vaginosis (BV). The most common difference between them is that discharge from BV is thin, milky, grey, and has a fish-like odor. While in case of yeast infection, there is an odorless discharge, similar to cottage cheese. 

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Fortunately, you can treat the condition with a popular home remedy based on baking soda! 

Here’s why baking soda is good for yeast infection

Baking soda is known as sodium bicarbonate, this means that when people dissolve baking soda in water, it forms an alkaline solution that creates a non-conducive environment for the fungus to multiply. The benefits of baking soda include:

  • It helps maintain and balance pH levels, which can treat yeast infections.
  • It helps in keeping the skin dry, thereby preventing rapid growth of these harmful microorganisms. It dehydrates microorganisms by absorbing their water and enzyme content. 
  • It can soothe and relieve yeast infection symptoms such as itching, burning, and swelling.
  • Antifungal properties of baking soda can kill’ Candida’ cells, according to a study
Here’s how to use baking soda for yeast infection:

1. Baking soda bath

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The National Eczema Foundation recommends adding ¼ cup of baking soda to your bath and allowing it to dissolve. Soak yourself in the water for around 15-20 minutes. After doing so, wipe yourself dry with a clean towel. This will help you remove bacteria, and will keep your skin healthy. Repeat the process twice a day, everyday until your condition disappears.

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2. Baking soda and apple cider vinegar

Mix 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar with warm water. Let it sit for five minutes and then add baking soda. Before applying the paste to the infected areas, clean and dry your vagina completely. Apply the paste to your vagina and use this treatment once a day for 1-2 weeks.

Ladies, be in charge of your vaginal health and try these home remedies to get rid of that irritating yeast infection.

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About the Author

Aayushi Gupta is a health writer with a special interest in trends related to diet, fitness, beauty and intimate health. With around 2 years of experience in the wellness industry, she is connected to leading experts and doctors to provide our readers with factually correct information. ...Read More

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