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Sadly, putting tissues for safety on a toilet seat can make things worse

Are you in a habit of layering the toilet seat with tissues before you place your bum? Sorry girls, this trick is not going to prevent vaginal infections in any way.
Be cautious while using the public loo! Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Nikita Bhardwaj Published: 26 Feb 2022, 10:00 am IST
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Do you remember your beloved Rachel from sit-com FRIENDS saying no tissue, no tushie? Of course, you do. But we really hope that someone must have told her what we are going to tell you all right away. Surely, while using public toilets, you might have placed tissues on the rim of the pot before placing your bum.

Well, if you are in the league of people who have done this, we want to warn you not to try this ever again because it can lead to serious infections.

A lot of hygiene conscious women prefer a standing squat while peeing. If you have done it, you will agree that no matter how much you squat, it may make you spill over the seat. Now think of a situation where the person next in line comes and puts tissues over the seat and then places their bums. The tissue will naturally absorb the pee, which will eventually come in contact with your genitals.

And this will fundamentally lead to an infection. Gross, isn’t it?

tissue on toilet seat
Keep your vagina protected! Image courtesy: Shutterstock

That’s why we are here to raise an alarm.

UTI and BV are what you can get if you sit on a tissue laden toilet seat

UTI aka urinary tract infection is a painful problem that you can definitely get. The thing is the toilet seat and the tissue tend to get muddled with a lot of bacteria and pathogens. These pathogens invade your vaginal biome and wreck the sanctity of your genital areas. Due to compromised immunity, you get infected and get problems like burning sensation while peeing, pain around your vagina, and pain in the abdomen region.

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Then come BV or bacterial vaginosis. A public loo can never be a safe haven for your vagina, thanks to some gross bacteria. The common of them all is Gardnerella vaginalis, which is the villain behind BV. Sitting on a pot with tissues can also make you prone to this infection. Apart from itching, pain and more,, there is one different sign of this problem and that is foul-smelling pee.

Apart from these two severe infections, irritants such as rashes, redness, vaginal discharge, etc are also seen.

tissue on toilet seat

Also, STI has nothing to do with sitting on a toilet seat

Has someone ever told you that sitting on a dirty toilet seat (with or without tissue) can also lead to STI or sexually transmitted infection? If yes, then please do not believe that person because s/he must be bluffing. Many people have this myth which is completely baseless. Even experts suggest that one can rarely get STI like this unless you are making out on the seat itself.

Carrying a disinfectant spray to the public loo can be of great help here
There are many toilet sprays that are available in the market. You can definitely out for any of them and keep it handy. This will minimize the chances of the infections that we’ve just talked about.

Apart from that, follow some basic toilet hygiene like flush before using the loo, flush afterward, and wash and dry your hands properly. If you abide by these simple rules then you have nothing to worry about.

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