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Can hot tub sex wreak havoc on your vaginal health? Let’s find out

If you’re thinking of a steamy sex session in a hot tub, wait till you find out what it does to your vaginal health.
hot tub sex
Squirting is not a common phenomena. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Nikita Bhardwaj Published: 17 Apr 2021, 10:00 am IST
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Many of us have fantasised about having sex with our partner in a hot tub. Aroused much? Well, that’s great but before you decide to try it out, it’s important you understand how dangerous it could be for your vagina. That’s because it could cause multiple vaginal infections, and we’re sure that’s the last thing you want! 

Here are 5 things we want you to know before you opt for hot tub sex
1. Hot tub sex can cause vaginal dryness

Firstly, water disturbs the natural lubrication of your vagina, and in that case, sex is not going to be pleasurable in any way. Oh and lubes are also not going to help!

Also, spending too much time in the hot tub can also dry up the inner layer of your vagina, causing rashes and irritation. The pH level of your vagina can also be compromised, which can cause several other problems, including itching down there.

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2. Vaginal infections are also a possibility

You and your partner are both in that hot tub. But just in case, either of you has an infection, there’s a high chance of transmission, due to water. FYI, you are more at risk because the vaginal opening is much wider.

There are high chances of you getting a UTI or a yeast infection down there, which can really be painful.

3. Risk of transmission of STIs is also very high

Again, water plays a major role here in transmission of STIs. There is a high chance that your partner’s discharge might contain a virus that can cause you to contract a sexually transmitted disease. And unfortunately, those bath salts that you’ve added to make the session a little more bubbly won’t help in any way!

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4. Sex barriers can be compromised

If you think wearing a condom can reduce the chances of contracting infections, then wake up missy, because that’s not going to happen. Due to the presence of water, it can become difficult for the condom to stay in its place, and that increases the chances of leakage. It can also fall out!

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5. Pregnancy can also be a possibility

If a condom slips out or gets ripped, it also increases your chances of getting pregnant. There’s another thing you must remember — even if your partner has ejaculated in the hot tub, the fluid is still in contact with your vaginal opening. And that means the water mixed with semen can make you pregnant too!

We know you might hate us for ruining all your wild hot tub sex plans. But we’re doing this only for the sake of your vagina!

  • 87
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