5 women spill the beans about their first butt hair removal experience

Published on: 18 February 2022, 16:00 pm IST
Grooming butt hair might be a necessity to some but for others, it can have an aesthetic value.
Nikita Bhardwaj
These butt hair removal tales are so relatable. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Wax, razor, or laser – whatever way you choose to groom your butt hair, that’s your choice. But it’s easier said than done, because many women have had some really uncanny experiences that can help you make up your mind whether you should go for butt hair removal or give it a skip.

5 women share shocking trivia on butt hair removal

Namrata, 28 – the weird experience

“OMG! Frankly, it was weird. I mean to an extent that I have never done it again. The biggest reasons of them all are that it is very tedious to do and the result isn’t desired. What added to my misery was that I used a razor to remove hair around my butt. For a week it stays okay, but my bum gets on fire once the hair starts growing. That’s another reason I don’t wanna do it again. I mean spare me the horror.”

Getting rid of butt hair is a matter of choice. Image Courtesy: Shutterstock

Ritu, 35 – why should you do it anyway?

“Hahaha, yes I did it too, and it wasn’t a bad experience because I didn’t do it myself; I got it waxed. To be honest, there is nothing I have to say, because I couldn’t see it, and that’s why I really don’t understand the need behind getting it done. So, that was my first and last. Touchwood, I didn’t face any nightmare after doing it.”

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Mangla, 32 – when an infection hit me

“Yes and the weapon I chose was a razor, and I totally regret it till date, because it gave me a major infection. I got rashes all over my bum and it was so painful. I couldn’t even walk properly. I stopped wearing underpants during that time. But yeah, I learnt my lesson the hard way.”

To shave or not to shave? Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Krutika, 27 – a kudos moment

“I did it recently. I found this razor, which is specially designed to remove bum hair. I was so intrigued that I ordered it right away. To my surprise, it was a great fetch. I groomed my butt with it and it was not as hard as I was really thinking. Yeah, when the hair started to re-grow, there was a little discomfort but thank god my experience wasn’t that bad, and that’s why I groom my butt once in a while.”

Sumati, 40 – tale of a brutal cut

“In my case, it was my fault because I was doing it without cleansing the area properly. Due to this, I used the razor over and over on my butt cheeks and ended up getting a cut. It might sound hilarious but at that time, I didn’t realize that I cut my butt. I really thought that I got down. But then I cleaned it using a disinfectant, and applied a skincare cream to protect the area. There was pain for almost a week and it took 15 days, I guess, for the healing. Post that, I have never used a razor down there. I’ve only opted for wax and I was too scared.”

Nikita Bhardwaj

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