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9 Indian women talk about the one period product they’ll NEVER try again

Gone are the days when sanitary napkins were the only menstrual products out there. From period panties to menstrual cups, the market is flooded today. But are these products worth it? We’ll let these 9 women answer that for you.
period panty
What’s the one product you’ll never try again? Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Shreya Gupta Published: 7 Jan 2021, 18:38 pm IST
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Periods are not easy to deal with and everyone with a vagina will agree! And while the market is flooded with various period products—including some really fancy ones—it is difficult for many women to choose between what they should use and what they shouldn’t.

If you too get overwhelmed by the menstrual hygiene market has to offer, then let your fellow women help you out! Here, nine Indian women share the one period product they will NEVER try:

Never will I ever use a tampon 

1. “I heard about tampons when I was 18 years old, and I have hated them in principle ever since. It is almost the same as stuffing a cotton ball inside you, and that feeling is scary. I’m happy with sanitary pads and even if I ever think of switching, tampons will never be my go-to” —Hina Verma, 23.

2. “My sister-in-law had been using tampons since forever, until she suffered from toxic shock syndrome. That was the last day tampons were ever seen in our home. Tampons not only ruined her health, but this product has also ensured I never try them.” —Harkirat Goraya, 22.

how to use a tampon
Switching to tampons? Reconsider your decision! Image Courtesy: Shutterstock
Period panties? Yuck! 

3. “Once my sister bought a pair of very fancy looking period panties. A day of wearing them was enough to make her regret her decision. Though they claim it is easy to handle and wash, you just don’t want to wash a pair of period panties by hand. It just feels so gross!” —Divya Singh, 20.

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4. “My mom was looking for a zero waste period product and so I gifted her period panties. But since her flow is very heavy the panties didn’t work very well for her, and she ended up staining her clothes. Also, the smell was a big downside too. So, I don’t think I’m ever going to try this.” —Kritika Sah, 21.

The discomfort of using menstrual cups

5. “Last year I thought of switching to a menstrual cup, but it failed completely for me. I bought a small size, and yet I was not able to insert it even once. The experience was really bad… I ended up with blood all over my hand. This really grossed me out and I’m never trying a menstrual cup again.” —Pritika Shaw, 33

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6. “I used to stain my clothes a lot, so I thought of switching to a menstrual cup. But as soon as it got delivered, the thought of putting something inside me scared me so much that I couldn’t even try it!” —Divya Sharma, 22.

Scented pads? Never again

7. “My mom bought me this fancy rose-perfumed sanitary pads. Before I could try them, she did. And shortly after, she got a vaginal infection. The pad had so many chemicals, that it disrupted the balance of good bacteria in her vaginal area, leading to an infection. So, lesson learnt: My vajayjay is never going to be treated to any fragrant products.” —Nirupama Shaw, 25.

feminine hygiene products
It’s time to ditch fragrant sanitary pads. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

8. “My friend used to wear mint-scented pads, and they smelled so strong that even I felt uncomfortable around her. I don’t ever want to be in an awkward situation like that, so I’m better off without scented pads.” —Sejal Agarwal, 20.

9. “I read somewhere that scented products aren’t good for your vaginal health and then re-confirmed them with my gynae. The risks she told me about are not worth taking just for scented pads.” —Sakshi Singh, 22.

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