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Here are 7 reasons why your vaginal infection just isn’t going away

Vaginal infections can really irk you, and it’s a clear indication that you’re not being fair to your vagina. Here are some reasons for recurring vaginal infections that you need to know about.
Keep your vagina safe from infections
Keep your vagina safe from infections. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Nikita Bhardwaj Published: 6 Mar 2021, 13:05 pm IST
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Oh no, not again! Is your vagina causing you miserable pain and irritation? Is that curdy discharge back? Shit! That’s because it’s a sign that your vaginal infection is back. 

A vaginal infection is a clear cut indication that your vaginal health is going for a toss. There are many factors that can play a part in making your vagina’s life hell. In fact, if you eat too much sugar, you become more prone to these vaginal infections.

But if you are unable to understand why these vaginal infections recur from time to time, then we are here to help. And to help you, we have an expert with us, Dr Sarita Channavar, consultant obstetrics and gynaecology at Wockhardt Hospital, Mumbai. Come and read what she has to say.

Recurring vaginal infection means unwanted growth of bad bacteria down there

Vaginitis can trigger due to infection and inflammation in one’s vagina. The most common type of vaginal infection is bacterial vaginosis, caused by the overgrowth of bacteria down there. 

“One may also experience a fishy odour down there. The infection recurs, as the balance of good bacteria can be disturbed by the harmful bacteria present in the vagina,” says Dr Channavar.

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Here are top seven reasons why vaginal infections are happening again and again
1. Usage of chemical-laden products

Vaginal infections can recur due to frequent use of chemical-laden products like disinfectants down there. For example: vaginal washes, sprays, perfumes, perfumed sanitary napkins, etc, all of these are laden with chemicals and preservatives that can lead to the growth of bad bacteria inside your vulva.

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2. Multiple sexual partners

We understand it’s completely your choice, but it should not come at the cost of your vaginal health. In this scenario, wearing condoms won’t help either. Because there are many ways in which bad bacteria can enter your vagina and give you an infection.

“Having too many sexual partners can also put you at the risk of increased vaginal infections,” warns Dr Channavar.

3. Wearing tight clothes

Yes, we mean your undergarments, because they are in contact with your vagina all the time. When you wear tight panties or thongs, it leads to intense sweating. Due to this, the fabric and the skin rub against each other, due to which you might end up getting rashes and fungal growth.

Also, you need to be very cautious about the fabric that you’re choosing. If you are into synthetic underwears, we suggest you get rid of them right away. Go for cotton panties, as they are more breathable.

4. Using harmful soaps and body washes

“Using soaps and body washes in or around your vagina can also be harmful, as it can disturb the vaginal pH,” suggests Dr Channavar.

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5. Contraceptives

Vaginal contraceptives can also irritate one’s vagina.

6. Douching

Douching is just not required, period! We’ve said time and again that douching can invite an overgrowth of harmful bacteria down there, leading to vaginal infection.

Also, while washing your vagina you need to be careful about the technique. You need to clean your vagina from front to back and not the other way round. That’s because if you do it the other way round, the bacteria from your anal area can enter your vagina. So, be cautious!

7. Vaginal atrophy

Vaginal atrophy tends to occur during menopause, and in this case the estrogen levels see a drastic drop. This can lead to dryness and inflammation of the vagina, as a result of which recurring vaginal infections occur.

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