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Watch out for these 6 lesser-known signs and symptoms of genital herpes

Published on:14 May 2021, 13:51pm IST
Noticing early symptoms and signs of genital herpes can help you control the severe outbreak around your genital area.
Aayushi Gupta
signs and symptoms of genital herpes
Take care of your gynae health by looking out for these symptoms of genital herpes. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
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A sexually transmitted infection (STI) is an infection that spreads through sexual contact, causing a virus to infect the genitals or the area around it. Genital herpes is an STI which passes on through vaginal, anal and oral sex. Considering that this infection has mild symptoms, many people are not able to diagnose and treat  it. 

Genital herpes can cause small and painful sores and ulcers and the first step at getting better is to prevent yourself from catching the infection altogether, which can also help you to control the spread. 

Watch out for these symptoms:
1. Small blisters

Blisters can happen on the infected area such as vagina, anus, throat, thighs and buttocks. In most cases, blisters go away within one or two weeks and in some cases they might reappear. These blisters may become ulcerated (open sores) and ooze fluid. It also happens to be the most common symptom of genital herpes.

2. Painful urination

You can experience numbness, tingling, or burning in the genital region due to genital herpes. A burning sensation while urinating or having intercourse can be a symptom of herpes. Painful urination, difficulty urinating, or frequent need to urinate all are symptoms indicating genital herpes.

3. Burning sensation around genitals

Along with a burning sensation while urinating, if the infection is spreading or active, you might experience a burning sensation in the vagina as well. Genital herpes may also be accompanied by tingling, burning, or itching sensations around your genitals. 

signs and symptoms of genital herpes
Painful pee is a sign of genital herpes. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
4. Feeling unwell

During the genital herpes outbreak, you may experience flu-like symptoms. Which can further lead to body ache, muscle pain, fever, and headache. You may also feel lethargic due to these symptoms. 

5. Unusual vaginal discharge

In some cases, unusual vaginal discharge is associated with genital herpes which usually causes a thick and clear white or cloudy liquid discharge from the vagina. 

6. Swollen lymph nodes

Genital herpes may also lead to swollen and tender lymph nodes, especially in your groin region. Remember to check in with your doctor in case of swelling of lymph nodes, as it may be an indication of cancer. 

So ladies, if you suspect you have genital herpes or any other sexually transmitted infection, see your doctor immediately.

Aayushi Gupta Aayushi Gupta

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