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Switch to reusable sanitary pads in summer for these 4 reasons

Here are 4 reasons why using reusable sanitary pad is better than disposable sanitary napkins in summer season!
reusable sanitary pads
Use reusable sanitary pads for these benefits! Image courtesy: Adobe Stock
Team Health Shots Published: 18 Apr 2023, 10:30 am IST
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It is safe to say that among those who have access to menstrual hygiene products, sanitary pads are one of the most widely used options. After all, they are comfortable to wear, easy to carry, convenient and easy to change. However, sanitary napkins are neither the only alternative available, nor completely safe. For instance, they can cause irritation in your intimate areas, raise the chance of infection, produce a bad odour and many other things, especially during the summer season. You can switch to reusable sanitary pads to fix the issue!

How are reusable sanitary pads are better than disposable ones?

Reusable sanitary pads or reusable cloth pads are more effective alternatives to the good-old ‘kapda’ which many rural women use even today to manage their monthly cycle. Natural fibers like cotton, hemp, bamboo, etc are used to make reusable sanitary pads, and an outer layer is made of waterproof material. You can use them during your menstrual cycle as they can absorb the blood and stop it from leaking.

Even though they are an excellent alternative, 90 per cent of women use disposable pads each month, according to Researchgate surveys. The percentage of women who support reusable pads is only 2 per cent. If you’ve never tried it before now you will after learning the advantages of using reusable cloth pads.

reusable sanitary pads
Reusable pads are solving problems of both accessibility and affordability. Image courtesy: Suakhyam Pads

Health Shots got in touch with Dr Shivani Singh Kapoor, MD, DNB, FNB, JK Hospital, Janakpuri, Consultant, who says reusable pads are eco-friendly because you may reuse them repeatedly after washing. Instead of using it for several hours, change it every five to six hours. There is no doubt that it needs to be cleaned, but it only takes five minutes, and there will be no waste. Dr Singh adds, “That’s not it, reusable sanitary napkins are a better option than disposable pads, especially during summer.”

Know why reusable cotton sanitary pads are better in summer

1. Say bye-bye to sweating

Menstruation during summer can be quite challenging because of excessive perspiration. In this case, using cotton pads can help you avoid sweating in order to keep you fresh and dry down there. Since they are 100 percent natural and made of cotton or polyester printed clothes, when they touch your skin, absorb all the sweat and cause no rashes.

reusable sanitary pads
Sanitary pads can lead to a period rash. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

According to Researchgate, a woman uses about 15,000 pads in her lifetime, which end up in the ground and take the form of pollution, harming the earth. Those pads take at least 500 years to biodegrade. Due to this, the amount of disposable waste is continuously increasing. However, if you want, you can minimize this issue by using reusable pads.

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2. More breathable

Disposable pads are less breathable than cloth pads. Disposable pads actually have a layer of plastic on top of them which can make you uncomfortable. Wearing it all day long can make you itchy and irritated down there as well. In fact, in some cases, it can even result in fungal infection. However, cotton pads are comfortable and cause no risk of infection. You can get them in a variety of colors and prints to match your personal style.

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3. Very much comfortable

Its use works to protect our skin from all kinds of discomfort. They are not at all sticky and cannot cause any harm to the skin Since these pads are low in price, you can avoid the expenses of every month.

reusable sanitary pads
Reusable sanitary pads are more vagina friendly. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

4. Freedom from chemicals

A lot of harsh chemicals are used to make disposable pads which can prove to be harmful to our skin. Along with this, they also develop bacteria that can affect your vaginal health. On the other hand, reusable pads are chemical-free and cause bacterial growth. After one time use, you can wash it with the help of water and soap and use it again.

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