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Living with recurrent UTI? Note these 4 likely causes and tips to treat it

If you're getting UTIs back over and again then you've to read these to find out its causes and treatment.
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Urinary track infection can be very cumbersome. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Aayushi Gupta Published: 28 Feb 2022, 09:00 am IST
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Are you stuck in the vicious cycle of urinary tract infection (UTI)? Well, if you often wonder what may be worse than having this infection, ask those who deal with recurrent UTI.

Getting UTI repeatedly can make it really tough to maintain your intimate health. In fact, it is dangerous because it has the potential to wreak havoc on your kidneys. While antibiotic can help to treat infections, some people still get UTI repeatedly. Have you ever wondered why does it come back.

What is recurrent UTI?

According to the Office on Women’s Health, a recurrent UTI is officially defined as two UTIs within the previous 6 months or three episodes of a UTI in the previous 12 months.

Risk factors or recurrent UTI

* Having kidney stones or bladder stones
* Existing issues with urinary tract function
* Hormonal fluctuations, especially during the menopause
* Bacteria getting the urethra during oral or penetration sex

recurrent UTI
Check out with the doctor if you want relief from recurrent UTI. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

So, to help to understand the causes of recurrent UTI, HealthShots spoke to Dr Surabhi Siddhartha, Consultant Obstetrician, and Gynaecologist, Motherhood Hospital, Kharghar, Mumbai.

Here are the causes of recurrent UTIs:

1. Anatomy

It is a known fact that women tend to encounter UTIs more when compared to men. This is so because the woman’s urethra is shorter than a man’s, and is situated near the openings of the vagina and anus. So, the bacteria from both those areas can spread easily.

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2. Poor hygiene

It is imperative for women to wipe from front to back after going to the bathroom. This reduces the chances of fecal matter or bacteria being moved from the anus into the urethra. You will be shocked to know that the fecal matter or bacteria can stay on the underwear and spread to other areas when one moves.

3. Sexual intercourse

Bacteria tends to spread easily during sexual activity, from your partner’s genitals, fingers, tongue, or even sex toys. So, peeing after intercourse can flush the bacteria out of the body. Adhering to good hygiene before and after sexual activity, wash the intimate area as well as the hands and fingers before and after sex. Clean sex toys before and after using as well to avoid recurrent UITs. Are you aware? Condoms may put one at the risk of UTI if you are susceptible to recurrent infections.

recurrent UTI
Sexual intercourse can give you a bacterial infection. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

4. Low immunity

This can make you fall prey to a UTI. Certain conditions such as diabetes, autoimmune and neurological diseases, kidney and bladder stones can cause recurrent UTIs. Moreover, if one has undergone surgery for the urethra, bladder, ureter, kidney, then one will be prone to recurrent UTIs.

Tips and treatment for recurrent UTI

1. Stay hydrated

Try to drink enough water that will help you to eliminate toxins from the body. Do not drink alcohol, coffee, colas, or sodas that cause irritation to the bladder. Avoid spicy, oily, processed, and junk food to stay healthy.

2. Do not hold the urine

Urinate and avoid holding back the urine. Doing so can cause the growth of bacteria that can lead to UTIs.

3. Say NO to chemical products

Do not douche, use sprays, powders, or deodorants that contain harmful ingredients that invite symptoms such as irritation, pain, and a burning sensation down there.

4. Good personal hygiene

You need to wear cotton undergarments and loose clothes. It will be imperative for you to maintain good personal hygiene.

recurrent UTI
Make sure you are maintaining vaginal hygiene. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

5. Try to wipe yourself from front to back

Doing so will help prevent the bacteria from spreading to the vagina or urethra.

6. Use a heating pad

Place it on the abdominal region to get rid of the pain. It can surely help you to calm down.

Be careful and follow the proper course of medicine along with these tips to cure recurrent UTIs.

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