World Pizza Day: A healthy millet pizza recipe you won’t regret eating

On World Pizza Day, learn how to make healthy pizza recipe with bajra or pearl millet flour, which is great for weight loss!
Healthy pizza recipe with millets
Healthy pizza recipe with bajra or pearl millet. Image courtesy: Adobe Stock
Radhika Bhirani Updated: 17 Oct 2023, 18:47 pm IST
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Pizza is one Italian dish which has found universal love! Typically made of wheat dough, with an array of vegetables, meats and cheese topped over a tomato-based sauce, pizzas are a go-to food option for people across all age groups. In India, we’ve found our own ways to adapt the pizza to our taste buds and palate. While we may love the classic pizza, it’s not the healthiest food out there. So, we wondered if there are ways how to make healthy pizza! We stumbled across an interesting millet pizza recipe which promises to be high on taste and health.

Well, millets have been considered healthy since years altogether. They are currently in the limelight once again because 2023 is marked as the International Year of Millets. Health experts and the government are all for promoting the use of millets for its umpteen health benefits.

From being abundantly rich in vitamins, minerals, essential amino acids and fiber to being considered a superfood for managing weight loss, diabetes, PCOS and thyroid problems – there are many reasons why millets can be a great addition to your diet.

For more health benefits of millets, click away! But if you can’t wait enough to find out how to make healthy pizza at home using millets, scroll down!

Health benefits of millets
Millets are magical for their health benefits. Image courtesy: Adobe Stock

Make your own healthy millet pizza with this recipe

Chef Meghna Kamdar, popular on social media by the name Meghna’s Food Magic, shared a delectable millet pizza recipe she makes at home. She uses Bajra Atta or Pearl Millet for this recipe. Explaining the benefits of bajra, she shares, “Bajra is good for weight loss, diabetes management, hair, nails and skin.”

Now, come let us learn this gluten-free pizza recipe. This is a mini pizza version.


For the pizza base

* 1 cup bajra or pearl millet
* A pinch of salt and a little water
* Some dry bajra flour
* Ghee
* Pizza topping
* Grated cheese
* Vegetable toppings of your choice

Recipe for mini millet pizza recipe

1. To make the pizza base, just take 1 cup bajra and make dough with some salt and water.
2. Roll the dough and use a round object or cutter to make perfect rounds. Make sure it’s covered with dry bajra flour.
3. Dry roast them by brushing little water on both sides. Chef Meghna informs that since bajra is gluten-free, one needs to ensure it doesn’t get dry and come off easily.
4. Roast the base a little for the right crisp and crunch.
5. Don’t forget to apply some ghee on the mini pizza base
6. Spread pizza sauce, choice of toppings and shredded cheese
7. Take the same pan and pour some ghee on the pan’s surface.
8. Place the millet pizza, cover and cook.
9. Serve it hot with the melted cheese!

Check out a video for this healthy recipe:

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This healthy pizza recipe is easy too cook, nutritious and will be loved by the young and old alike. Give it a try!

If the idea of a millet pizza doesn’t excite you much, here are some other ways to make your pizza healthier.

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How to make pizza healthier

As someone who likes the conventional pizza, you may wonder if there are ways to give the pizza a healthier twist. The answer is YES. From the base you choose to the types of cheese and toppings you pick, and the portions you consume, everything can make a difference if you want.  You could even go for a homemade tomato-based spread rather than choose the market-bought variety as it comes with preservatives. The idea of eating healthy is to be aware of what and how much you must eat!


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