Want toned legs? Follow these steps to strengthen and lose fat from your legs

All set to score toned legs? Try these strategies that can help you strengthen and tone your legs in no time.
Follow these tips and exercises for toned legs. Image courtesy: Adobe Stock
Arushi Bidhuri Published: 22 Feb 2023, 11:31 am IST
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Do you want toned legs? For someone ready to score toned legs, you need to know one thing! Rather than toning your legs, you should focus on building strength and lean muscles while trying to reduce fat to give the appearance of toned legs. For that, you need to combine cardio with muscle training to strengthen your legs. Having said that, let’s find out some exercises to help you lose fat from your legs.

How to lose fat from legs?

Did you know your lower body is also the quickest part to build lean muscles? If toned legs if your goal, here are some easy and effective ways that will help lose fat from your legs and tone them up.

How to reduce thigh fat?
How to lose fat from your legs? Image Courtesy: Shutterstock

1. Don’t focus on spot reduction

Fitness trainers around the world say that ‘spot reduction’ is a myth. While it may be impossible to spot-reduce leg fat, you can train your muscles to build strength and tone them. For that, you can do a lot of exercises that can help you lose fat from your legs, like lunges, squats, and more.

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2. Combine cardio and strength training

As mentioned before, you should combine cardio and strength training to tone your legs. Only doing cardio like running will help you lose weight but it wouldn’t make your legs firm. If you only focus on strength training, the process of getting rid of cellulite would be slow, and your leg muscles may end up becoming bulky. The key is to strike a balance between cardio and muscle training.

3. Lunges can help

Lunges are one of the best exercises to reduce thigh fat. It targets your glutes, thigh adductors, quadriceps, and hamstrings. It also helps strengthen your muscles and boost your metabolism. Start with your feet width apart. Walk forward while bending both knees, lowering yourself until your knees are 90 degrees bent. Lifting your back leg and pushing it forward will cause your back foot to land in a lunge position in front of you as you step through and push off with both of your legs.

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4. Squat it out!

Squats are great to strengthen your bones, tendons, and ligaments around the leg muscles. Start with standing straight with your feet hip-width apart. Lower down as if you are sitting on an invisible chair. Now, lift back up with your back straight. Now, repeat the movement. Don’t forget to engage your abdominal muscles while you perform squats.

how to tone legs?
Squats can help strengthen and tone your legs! Image courtesy: Shutterstock

5. Calves rise

If we are talking about toning the legs, how can we forget the calf muscles? One of the best exercises to strengthen the largest muscle in the calf is to do standing calf raises. Start by standing straight with your back straight. Now, raise your heels slowly and pause, then lower your heels back to the ground, and return to the initial position.

6. Try box-jumps

Doing box jumps targets your glutes, hamstrings, abductors, and calves. Bring your arms out in front of you as you squat down with your knees slightly bent. Jump onto the box while allowing your arms to swing out in front of you. Knees should be slightly bent as you softly land on both feet. Step down, then back up, and continue.

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7. Mind what you eat

While there’s no specific diet for reducing leg fat, it is important to eat a healthy and balanced diet. Eating healthy fruits and vegetables, and having fewer calories can help strengthen and tone the legs. You can add fruits, vegetables, whole grains, protein-rich foods, and healthy oils to your diet.

These are some healthy ways to strengthen and tone your legs, however, they might not work for everyone. It is vital to know what suits your body best and what you can do to maintain a healthy body.

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