Learn to do Trikonasana step-by-step, and strengthen your knees, thighs and ankles

Trikonasana or triangle pose is an elementary yoga pose that can help with the strengthening of your hamstrings and improving your body balance.
Here's how to practice trikonasana. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Manasvi Jain Updated: 23 Oct 2023, 12:03 pm IST
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Yoga has been practiced for centuries in our country for the benefit of our physical as well as mental health. Yoga is composed of many asanas (poses) which help us with our body flexibility and mental relaxation. One such asana is Trikonasana or the Triangle pose. Let’s find out how to do it and what are its benefits!

In Sanskrit, “trikona” means three angles or triangle, and “asana” means pose which makes it the triangle pose. Trikonasana has many health benefits and helps in improving our body balance.

Before starting with the Trikonasana you can do some warm up or stretching exercises as suggested by Shynee Narang, a certified yoga instructor, on her Instagram page. Take a look:

Here is how to do Trikonasana:

Step 1

Stand up straight on a yoga mat and keep your hand on the waist. Then slowly open your legs as wide as you can. The distance between your legs should be more than the width of your shoulders.

Step 2

Stretch your arms wide open so that they are parallel to the floor and twist your feet to the right. Make sure your body is facing towards the front and only your feet are turned right.

Step 3

Inhale and stretch sidewards with your right hand so that you are touching your right ankle.

Step 4

Stretch your left arm upwards in a way that it parallel to your left ear. Make sure you are looking towards the upward stretched arm.

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Step 5

Hold this pose for 30 seconds. Then slowly come up while exhaling. Repeat on the other side as well.

how to do trikonasana
This is the correct way of doing the Trikonasana! Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Benefits of performing Trikonasana:

*It opens up your chest and shoulders.
*Strengthens your legs, back, neck and abdominal area.
*Stimulates your abdominal organs, aiding in digestion.
*Therapeutic for stress, anxiety, infertility, flat feet, neck pain, osteoporosis, sciatica and symptoms of menopause.
*Relieves backache, especially during pregnancy.

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“It is okay to make certain adjustments to suit your body’s anatomy,” says Narang. Here is how to do Trikonasana if you suffer from the following health problems:

*If you have neck issues or are uncomfortable looking up, turn your gaze down to the floor and consciously relax your neck.
*If you have knee issues, bend your knees and turn your back foot towards the front foot.
*Those with high blood pressure may do this pose without raising their hand.

Avoid doing Trikonasana if you are:

how to do trikonasana
Don’t perform Trikonasana in case of a back injury. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

*Suffering from migraine or vertigo.
*In case of diarrhea.
*In case of low or high blood pressure.
*If you have neck or back injuries.


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