Feeling the working mom burnout? Know the warning signs and how to fix it

How to be a working mom is a dilemma women often end up facing as they raise a kid and balance work side by side. Get some tips here.
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Motherhood can be stressful, but you can manage a work-life balance with some tips. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Dr Suhasini Inamdar Updated: 10 Aug 2022, 11:43 am IST
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Taking care of your children is a hectic job to do. If you are a working mother, then you may feel stress at regular intervals, both at your home and your job. Mothers often ignore their own physical and mental health while taking care of their children, but the time has come when you take some rest from your superhuman attitude. It is equally important for you to relax your mind and body and know how to be a working mom in a stress-free way.

Constant work without breaks can make your body physically and mentally exhausted. Don’t work to the extent of physical and mental burnout. It is necessary for you to know about burnout as a working mother. If you are unable to keep up with things and are going through working mom burnout symptoms, you need to identify your problem with appropriate action.

Signs and symptoms of working mom burnout

* You would not be able to do tasks and complete commitments.
* Feeling irritated about things and people
* Physical and mental exhaustion
* Not getting proper sleep or insomnia
* Don’t want to do things that once you enjoyed doing
* You may feel demotivated with your lack of control over things.
* You are unable to maintain work-life balance.

Work life balance for a motherhood stress
Try to strike the right work-life balance. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Tips on how to be a working mom without feeling the burnout

1. Let go of your guilt

Moms usually feel guilty about taking time for themselves. They think that it is selfish for them to take a rest and relax when they can be spending time with their children. But remember you will be able to enjoy quality time with your kids only when you are physically and mentally healthy.

2. Draw a line

You need to set your boundaries and manage your time. Take some time for work and family but don’t forget to have time to relax as well.

3. Choose a hobby to pursue

Starting a new hobby will not just make you relax but it is also a fun way to calm your stress.

Gardening and mental health
A happy hobby can take your stress away. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

4. Try a relaxation activity

Joining a yoga or meditation club can do wonders with your mental health, and ease your journey to be a working mom.

5. Get enough sleep

Don’t compromise with your sleep schedules. Getting proper sleep is necessary for working efficiently.

6. Exercise

Physical exercises can help you stay physically fit and will help you with your stress.

Exercise for working moms
Exercise is non-negotiable to be a working mom without stress! Image courtesy: Shutterstock

7. Seek help

There is nothing wrong with admitting that you are tired. Seek help from people around you. Let your spouse, family and friends help you with whatever they can.

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8. Don’t compare yourself with other moms

Other moms may be doing great but comparing yourself to them and going to the extent of burnout won’t help you. Every mother, especially working mother, deals with her own set of problems. Remember you are doing the best you can.

When to seek professional help?

Is the burnout taking away the best of you? Is it making you feel depressed, disconnected, or anxious? If you are unable to cope up with the burnout on your own, you may need to go for professional help. There isn’t a “right time” to do it. It is up to you to decide. When the feelings of low mood, despair or demotivation have become continuous, then you should consider going for therapy.

Neglecting signs of stress and anxiety will affect not just you, but everyone around you, including your kids in the long run. Your mental health directly affects your children. If you choose not to do anything about your mental health, it could worsen in the long run

Some forms of therapies like Acceptance and Commitment therapy help with mom burnouts. This includes stress management techniques that will help you build self-compassion. Find a good therapist for you to discuss your systems and which therapy would be best for you. Be a little gentle towards your mental health needs.

Mothers are not superwomen
Stop glorifying the ‘mom is a superwoman’ adage! Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Work-life balance for a mother

Mom burnouts have become quite common with the everyday rush of contemporary life. You need to set your boundaries to maintain the work life balance. Do not hesitate to take breaks for self-love because that doesn’t make you selfish.

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