How to make a perfect cup of coffee without a machine

Looking for a perfect coffee recipe? Well, thank your stars because your search for a good cup of coffee ends here!
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Shifa Khan Published: 11 May 2022, 15:38 pm IST
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A call for all coffee aficionados! We know that there’s nothing that hits us up like the first cup of coffee in the morning. To be honest, this aromatic stuff works as a ‘motivation fuel’ to tackle the day head on. If you’ve landed on this article, it is a given that you like a pot of coffee brewing at all times. However, if you’re still wondering how to make a perfect coffee or are willing to improve your cuppa, we’ve got what you need.

While most of the coffee recipes on the internet suggest a whole apparatus, tools and magic wands to get your perfect cup, HealthShots brings you a no machine or tool recipe of coffee. Be your own star barista without spending any bucks!

To get that frothy coffee moustache, here’s a step by step perfect coffee recipe you can try at home:

For the perfect cup of coffee, you’ll need:

Half tsp Instant Coffee
50 ml Hot boiling water
Half tsp Sugar
1 cup Milk


Step 1

First, Add half a teaspoon of coffee powder and half a teaspoon of sugar in a mug.

perfect coffee


Step 2

Boil a cup of water. Now add a spoonful of boiled water to the mug with sugar and coffee. Mix it slowly as you whisk the coffee mix. Do not add it all at once!

perfect coffee

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Step 3

Using a whisker or a spoon, mix coffee and sugar thoroughly with water. Keep stirring the coffee and sugar mix continuously until you see the coffee turning into a lighter tone. Continue beating the coffee mix for three to four minutes. Your hand may start to hurt while beating it. But what’s pleasure without pain? Take a break for a minute and continue mixing it again for a perfect coffee.

perfect coffee

Step 4

Keep whisking the coffee until it turns into a bubbly froth. By now the color of the coffee mixed with the water should turn lighter. Keep it aside.

perfect coffee

Step 5

Now boil a cup of milk in a pan. Turn off the flame once the milk bubbles up. You can boil milk in an electric kettle too.

perfect coffee

Step 6

Take a glass jar with a lid. Pour the milk into it and close the lid. Make sure the jar has an airtight lid and won’t spill the milk. Shake the jar up and down for 2 minutes. Milk will foam up when shaken in the jar just like a coffee machine does.

perfect coffee

Step 7

Now Pour half or one third cup of milk to the frothy coffee mix in the mug.

Step 8

Stir it all with a spoon. Now, pour the remaining milk froth on top of the coffee mug. Channeling your inner barista, try to make a design you want.

perfect coffee

Step 9

Pull out your favorite book, curl up on a comfortable couch and sip on the perfect coffee you made. Don’t forget to share it with friends and mention where you learned it from. Wink wink*

perfect coffee

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