Ladies, take charge of your sexual health: How to use internal condoms like a pro

It’s not only the duty of the male partner to buy and wear condoms. Women should take charge too! Here’s how females can use internal condoms.
Condoms to prevent pregnancy
Ladies, take charge of your sexual health: How to use internal condoms like a pro. Image courtesy: Freepik
Manasvi Jain Published: 20 Mar 2023, 19:00 pm IST
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Ladies, let’s talk about sex – specifically, how to make it safe and fun with the help of internal condoms! If you’re looking for a reliable and exciting form of contraception, look no further than the trustworthy female condom. It’s high time we ditch the stereotype that only men buy or wear condoms. Women should take charge of ensuring that they are safe from unwanted pregnancy or STDs during sexual activity. In this article, you will find ways to use internal condoms like a pro, so you can focus on pleasure without any worries.

What are internal condoms?

Internal condoms, also known as female condoms, are a type of barrier contraceptive that provides protection against pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections (STIs). Unlike traditional condoms, which are worn by males, internal condoms are worn by the female partner and inserted into the vagina before sexual activity.

In addition to being a form of contraception, internal condoms are also a great option for those who are allergic to latex as they are made of nitrile, which is hypoallergenic. Internal condoms also allow for more control during sex as the female partner can insert and remove the condom at their discretion. Plus, they can be used for both vaginal and anal sex, making them a versatile option for any couple.

female condoms
Ladies, you have got to try internal condoms! Image courtesy: Shutterstock

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How to use internal condoms?

Now that we know what internal condoms are. let’s find out how to use them properly:

Step 1: Check the expiration date

Before using an internal condom, always check the expiration date. Using an expired condom can reduce its effectiveness and increase the risk of STIs or unintended pregnancy. Also, there are no different sizes in internal condoms, so you don’t have to worry on that front.

Step 2: Open the package carefully

Tear open the package carefully and make sure not to use your teeth or scissors, as they can damage the condom. Check the condom for any tears, holes, or damage before use.

Step 3: Find a comfortable position

The next step is to find a comfortable position for insertion. The process is pretty similar to when inserting a tampon. You can either stand with one leg on a chair, sit on the edge of a chair, or lie down. You may also use water-based lubricants to make insertion easier and more comfortable.

Step 4: Insert the condom

Gently squeeze the sides of the inner ring of the condom and insert it into your vagina. Use your finger to push it up as far as possible while holding the outer ring outside of the vagina. The outer ring should remain outside the vagina to provide protection for the external genital area.

Female condom
Inserting internal condom is pretty similar to inserting a tampon. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Step 5: Have sex

Once the condom is in place, you are ready to have sex. Remember to use water-based lubricants to prevent friction and increase comfort during sex.

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Step 6: After sex

After sex, gently twist the outer ring to prevent semen from leaking out, and carefully pull the condom out. Do not reuse the condom and dispose of it properly.

female condoms
Female condoms give women the freedom to take charge of their sexual well-being. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

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By following these simple steps, you can use internal condoms effectively and enjoy a safe and satisfying sexual experience.

At the sight of it, this whole process might seem tricky but after doing it once or twice you will get the hang of it. If your male partner doesn’t want to wear a condom then you can and take charge of your sexual health!

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