K-beauty trend: How to make rice water for radiant and glowing skin?

Korean rice water is a well-kept beauty secret in the K-beauty industry. Follow these simple steps to learn how to make this quick and easy DIY Korean rice water hack.
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Shruti Bhattacharya Published: 4 Jan 2024, 02:30 pm IST
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Hallyu or the Korean wave has taken over the world, with people going gaga over everything Korean. From Korean food to K-beauty products to K-drama, people can’t get enough of the K-world. There are many Korean skincare trends that have made it to almost every household around the world, and for good reason! One such skincare trend is using Korean rice water for skin. This easy-to-make DIY formula is full of nutrients and will help you attain beautiful skin. If you have been longing for glass skin like your favourite Korean celebs, you can go for this home remedy. Let’s find out the benefits of rice water for the skin and how to make it.

What is Korean rice water?

Rice water is something you get from soaking or washing rice in water, creating a milky liquid that is rich in nutrients and minerals. The purpose of this natural remedy for the skin is to give you bright and hydrated skin, contributing to a more radiant and youthful complexion. It is often referred to as Korean rice water because it is a skincare trend made popular by the K-beauty industry.

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Rice water when used regularly can benefit the skin. Image courtesy: Adobe Stock

To learn this easy DIY hack, Health Shots connected with Dermatologist Dr Sonal Bansal to understand the process and procedure of making rice water at home.

How to make rice water at home?


  • ½ cup uncooked rice (preferably organic)
  • 2 cups of water


1. Give the rice a good rinse: Take some rice in a bowl and rinse it thoroughly under cold running water. This will assist in getting rid of any surface pollutants or impurities.
2. Allow rice to soak: Add about two cups of water into the bowl of rice. Let the rice soak for 15 to 30 minutes. You will see the water appear foggy during this period.
3. Stir and take it out: Give the grains a nice stir before separating them from the rice water using a strainer.
4. Fermentation: You can also choose to ferment for further advantages. Let the strained rice water sit at room temperature for 24 to 48 hours. Fermentation boosts its potency and nutritious content.
5. Store: After fermenting, refrigerate it in an airtight container that is clean. The cool temperature will keep it fresh but also be good for your skin.

Reasons why you should include rice water in your daily skincare routine

The benefits of rice water for the skin include:

1. Brightening effects: The rice water may help even out skin tone and reduce dark spots.
2. Keeps you hydrated: It acts as a natural moisturiser, leaving the skin supple and hydrated.
3. Helps fight anti-ageing: Rich in antioxidants, it may help combat signs of ageing and promote a youthful appearance.
4. Cleans your skin: Rice water can be used as a gentle cleanser, removing impurities and excess oil from the skin.

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Incorporate rice water in your skincare routine to get glass skin like Koreans. Image courtesy: Adobe stock

How to naturally get glass skin like Koreans at home with rice water?

  • Use the rice water to tone your skin. Apply the rice water to your face gently with a cotton ball or pad. A smoother complexion is encouraged by the toning qualities, which help balance the pH of the skin.
  • Apply it to your face with a cotton pad to use as a cleanser. Wipe your face gently to get rid of any makeup residue and pollutants. This functions as a mild, organic cleanser that preserves the natural oils in your skin.
  • To make a hydrating face mask, combine rice water with other natural ingredients like honey or aloe vera gel. Apply the mixture evenly on your face. Let it sit for 15 to 20 minutes, and then rinse with warm water.

It is also important to stay hydrated, eat a balanced diet, and get enough sleep to enhance the overall health of your skin.

Who should avoid rice water?

  • While it’s generally safe, some individuals may experience irritation or allergic reactions. It’s advisable to do a patch test before using it extensively.
  • Individuals with rice allergies should avoid using rice water on their skin to prevent allergic reactions.

Adding Korean rice water to your skincare regimen will help you look and feel more radiant. Try it out and reap the rewards of this age-old beauty secret, says the expert.

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