Avoid indigestion: Know 5 ways to add ajwain to your diet

Indigestion issues are super common. If the damage has been done, here's how to use ajwain to avoid digestion problems.
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Ajwain has a strong smell. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Team Health Shots Published: 26 Aug 2022, 18:20 pm IST
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We know how reckless eating habits can wreak havoc on our gut health, but we do it anyway! We enjoy digging into junk food because it satisfies our taste buds. But making poor dietary choices too often and sticking to a sedentary lifestyle can increase stomach-related issues including gas, bloating, and acidity. Frequent bouts of tummy troubles may also mean popping pills for many people as a quick fix. But you’ve got to stop before you start reeling under the side effects of medicines. Instead, try some simple home remedies! Ajwain has been used to relieve gas and digestion issues in Ayurveda. Let us share some effective ways ways to use ajwain to avoid digestion problems.

Benefits of ajwain

There are several benefits of ajwain. It is a good ingredient to prevent gas and digestion related problems because;
* The antimicrobial property present in it is considered effective to relieve stomach problems
* It keeps the digestive system balanced
* Improves the digestion process
* Beneficial in acidity, gas, indigestion, flatulence problems and stomach pain.

How to treat digestion
Digestion problems can lead to gas and acidity! Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Ways to use ajwain to avoid digestion problems?

1. Ajwain and lemon juice

The ability of ajwain and lemon juice mix to digest food more quickly and effectively is aided by the restoration of hydrochloric acid. It is the stomach acid that must be produced to break down food, particularly protein. Its production gets increased when you consume this concoction. If your stomach becomes bloated due to gas, ajwain can help you in this too.

How to prepare it?
* Mix ajwain and lemon juice together.
* Now, add a pinch of black salt to this mixture.
* Take it twice a day for proper results.

2. Ajwain and ginger powder mixture

If you are often troubled by problems related to indigestion and gas, then ajwain and ginger powder mixture is the right thing for you. Active enzymes found in ajwain enhance the flow of stomach juices. This aids in conditions including gas, bloating, and indigestion. Additionally, oesophageal, gastric, and intestinal sores have been found to improve with the use of ajwain. It enhances metabolism and aids in the reduction of body fat.

How to prepare?
* Make a powder by grinding carom seeds and dried ginger.
* Mix 1 teaspoon powder in a cup of water and mix it well.
* Now, add a pinch of black salt to it. It is necessary to consume it regularly for proper results.

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Ajwain-infused tea can make tummy troubles go away! Image courtesy: Shutterstock

3. Ajwain tea

Ajwain tea can also be an effective remedy for you in the problem of indigestion and gas. Dehydration is further avoided by celery’s high water and electrolyte content, which also lessens bloating. Consuming this tea is also said to help your your eye health.

How to prepare?
* Add a teaspoon of carom seeds in a cup of water and boil the water well.
* When the water boils, add a little salt to it
* Now, filter it.

4. Ajwain and asafoetida (hing)

Asafoetida and carom seeds are two such ingredients, which work very effectively in relieving the problem of indigestion and gas.

How to prepare?
* Take half a teaspoon of carom seeds.
* Add three to four pinches of asafoetida and a pinch of black salt to it.
* Now, chew this mixture and swallow with the help of water. Try to take it regularly for proper results.

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hing and ajwain for indigestion
Apart from ajwain, hing can also work wonders to keep indigestion at bay. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

5. Add it to your regular food

Ajwain can also be used as a flavoring agent in other foods. You can even add it to the dough of your chapatis!

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