International Falafel Day: Try this mouthwatering homemade Falafel recipe today!

Have you been craving Falafel but don't know how to make one? Fret not, you can whip up this batch of amazing homemade falafel recipes that you can prepare in a jiffy in the comfort of your home.
Falafel recipe
Try this mouthwatering homemade Falafel recipe today! Image courtesy: Adobe stock
Falak Hanif Published: 12 Jun 2023, 01:15 pm IST
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Nothing beats the taste of evening tea after a day of hard work and what’s better than pairing it up with a tasty snack like falafel? This yummy Arab snack comes from the middle east that has become many people’s favourite in India. Did you know June 12 is observed as International Falafel Day? So make haste all falafel lovers, this article is for you! And to all those who haven’t tried falafel yet, I am sure you would like to give it a try once you realise how easy it is to make them. Falafel is a scrumptious, chickpea-based crispy snack served in various ways. The icing on the cake is that as tasty as it looks, it is equally easy to make too and it can be prepared at home too.

How to make falafel?


  • chickpeas – 250 gms
  • coriander – 10 gms
  • coriander powder – 5 gms
  • onion – 1/2
  • salt to taste
  • garlic – 3-4


1. Soak chickpeas in water for around 12 hours/overnight.
2. Pressure cook them until boiled and soft.
3. Once boiled, drain the water completely and let them dry
4. Blend with the rest of the ingredients until it becomes coarse and do not blend until it becomes a fine paste.
5. Grease your hand and roll them into small balls.
6. In the original version, you deep fry them.
7. For a healthier version, make them into small round patties and bake or air-fry.

Your yummy falafels are ready. Falafels can be served in various ways, and no matter what they are served with, they never fail to impress.

How to make falafel recipe
Here’s the easiest recipe for falafel. Image courtesy: Adobe stock

Is falafel safe for everyone?

Is it safe for pregnant women to eat falafel?

Well, why not? Falafels are rich in protein, and fibre and can be enjoyed by my mamas as an evening snack, which would be wholesome and will keep your tummy happy too.

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Can I serve falafel to my toddler?

Yes, you can, keeping in mind that falafels are generally dry and must be served with water or juice to avoid choking. It can also be served as a roll with chopped vegetables and healthy sauces or dips to make it interesting, and appealing to them.

Can I have unlimited falafels?

It’s always important to remember that any food must be eaten in moderation. As good as falafels are, they might cause gastritis if taken in abundance. Eating 3-4 baked falafels, weighing about 20 grams each should be enough and safe to consume. Fried falafels on the other hand must be restricted to 2 as the calories would be much higher comparatively, and it also loses its nutrients in the deep frying process.

Best servings that go best with Falafel

1. Arabic bread

Falafels taste yum when they are served on Arabic bread, which is locally known as “khuboos.” They also go very well with pita bread.

2. Salads

If you want to turn your salad into a bowl of goodness, shred it and add falafel to your salad. They can be added to salads made of lettuce, cherry tomatoes, sprouts and a few pieces of falafel.

Falafel in salads
Take your salad game up a notch with this Falafel recipe! Try it out!

3. Kimchi

They taste excellent when combined with kimchi and your favourite dish. This combination is a must-try.

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4. Dips and chutneys

They go well with Pudina chutney for Indian taste buds. You can also try having them with tomato or coconut chutney. It will add tanginess to it.

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We often mistake healthy foods to be boring and tasteless. Baked falafel, on the other hand, is tasty and nutritious and will add to the book of your essential nutrient intake. So, please go ahead and enjoy them.

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