For the post Diwali glow, indulge in these 7 skin care tips

Post Diwali pollution can harm your skin. So, how to revive your skin? Try these 7 tips to get the glow back on your face.
How to revive your skin
Get your glow back with these tips. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Aayushi Gupta Published: 25 Oct 2022, 04:30 pm IST
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Diwali is a time when we indulge in overeating. Consuming a lot of fatty foods and sweets might result in breakouts. Women generally use a pre-Diwali skincare routine and apply a lot of make-up during celebrations. Our skin frequently becomes dry and harsh and loses its radiance as a result. Don’t let the post-Diwali pollution make your skin look dull and lifeless because this is already more than enough. How to revive your skin? Give your skin some extra attention because it deserves it!

Health Shots spoke to Dr Poorva Shah (MBBS, MD Skin), Consultant Medical and Aesthetic Dermatologist, who shared a few best tips to revive your skin post Diwali celebrations.

“The erratic lifestyle during Diwali takes a toll on your health and your skin. Restoring your sleep and diet and getting back to your exercise routine will help burn the calories and normalize the metabolism of your body. This will prevent unnecessary fullness and breakouts on your skin,” says Dr Shah.

Here are 7 tips to revive your skin post-Diwali:

1. Avoid makeup

Take a break from make-up. Using make-up frequently during Diwali can mess up the skin’s oil balance. Giving your skin the time to recover from this imbalance is extremely important. Cut down on active ingredients and increase moisturisation for a week or until the skin comes back to normal. You can indulge in facials like a hydra facial to help the skin hydrate and rejuvenate.

How to revive your skin
Makeup can be harsh on your skin! Image courtesy: Shutterstock

2. Cleansing, toning and moisturizing

The first thing people would notice about you is your face, so follow a daily Cleansing, Toning, and Moisturizing (CTM) regimen. These three steps are the secret to healthy skin. After CTM, it’s time to protect your skin from the sun’s harmful rays. Select multipurpose cosmetic products such as moisturisers with SPF for a quick, simple, and effective skincare regimen.

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3. Sleep

Sleep for 7-8 hours each night to help your skin unwind. Your skin regenerates collagen while you sleep and repairs any UV-related damage and also prevents sagging.

4. Green tea

You can apply this healthy beverage to your skin to enhance its radiance in addition to drinking it. Antioxidants in it help your skin glow, and its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory characteristics can repair UV damage. To prepare a face mask, combine green tea powder with yoghurt, milk, and honey. After applying it to your face, wait 15 minutes. Use twice weekly for ideal outcomes.

How to revive your skin
Green tea can do wonders for your skin. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

5. Sheet masks

The best approach to enhance the health and beauty of your skin is with a sheet mask. They add the extra hydration required for that long-lasting glow and serve as a perfect option for serums and special creams. In fact, a sheet mask can make you look younger and more radiant whenever your skin is looking less healthy. Depending on how dry your skin is, use sheet masks two to three times a week. But don’t skip your skincare routine because you’re using sheet masks.

6. Workouts

By causing you to sweat out all the impurities from your body, regular exercise will assist to clear your pores. Additionally, exercise increases the production of natural antioxidants, which helps to protect cells and maintain healthy-looking skin. Additionally, it aids in shielding the skin’s surface from oxidative harm brought on by free radicals and other environmental irritants such as UV rays and pollution. Exercise for 45–60 minutes at least three–four times per week. It is an effective technique for preventing skin issues.

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7. Vitamin C peel

One of the most effective components in skincare, vitamin C is known for giving the skin a radiant youthful appearance. The majority of anti-aging creams contain vitamin C due to its abilities to combat free radicals and UV damage, which cause the skin to look dull. A vitamin C peel is a fantastic way to repair the skin and helps in boosting skin cell growth on the skin. Additionally, it aids in fading pigmentation and acne scars, revealing clear and radiant skin.

How to revive your skin
Try vitamin C peel for glowing skin. Image courtesy: Shutterstock


So, take a break from your routine to pamper your skin and restore its softness, smoothness and glow! Restore what has been lost and rejuvenate your skin with a few simple steps (mentioned above) after Diwali. Now that you know how to keep your skin glowing, go follow these steps and enjoy the natural skin radiance.

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