Back pain will be by-gone if you regularly do cat-cow pose

Stop searching “How to do a cat-cow pose” in Google because we have got an easy yoga guide for you.
Cat cow yoga pose to reduce belly fat
The cat cow pose is an effective yoga asana to lose belly fat overtime. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Nikita Bhardwaj Published: 16 May 2022, 12:58 pm IST
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Sitting for hours and leaning toward your laptops is making back pain a common problem. The bigger problem is you ignoring it and waiting for it to aggravate. If you think those sprays come in handy so why waste time on yoga then let us tell you that sprays and pills are instant measures and not long-term solutions. And we are revealing how you can do a cat-cow pose to make your back super strong then why look for anything else.

So come, read, and learn.

Steps to do a cat-cow pose

Step 1: Be on your all fours on a yoga mat. Just ensure that your arms are aligned with your shoulder, basically, they should be in a straight line. Your hips should be aligned with your knees (your knees should be right under your hips), and your toes and ankles should also be in a straight line. Keep your neck long and look in front.

cat cow pose

Step 2: Now for a cow pose arch, inhale and pull your tailbone and neck up (towards the roof) and push your belly down. See if your back is arching downwards or not.

Step 3: For a cat pose arch, exhale, and tuck your pelvic muscles, your tummy, neck and tailbone in. See you are making a hunch upwards.

cat cow

Now do this flow slowly focusing on your breath.

Avoid making these mistakes while doing the cat-cow pose

  • Don’t strain your neck and move it as per the flow
  • Take care of your breath
  • Arch your body to the fullest. If you feel pain then stop
  • Don’t bend your arms
  • Don’t let your tummy go lose when you are doing the cat arch

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Here’s how many cat-cow rounds you can do?

  • Beginners can do 10 to 15 rounds
  • If you are at an intermediate or advanced level then you do 20 to 25 rounds

Some really amazing benefits of doing cat-cow pose regularly

  • As we have shared doing the cat-cow pose will help you get rid of back pain
  • It will help in making your core strong
  • It will help in weight loss as well
  • It may help in improving your posture, especially if you have hunched back
  • As it is also a calming pose, it will also act as a stress buster

So do try this yoga pose and lead a fit life.

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