A smelly vagina can be a hotbed for infections! Here’s how to keep it clean

Vaginal health is wealth. So just ensure you keep yourself neat and tidy down there to avoid painful infections.
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Learn the right way to keep your vagina clean. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Nikita Bhardwaj Published: 5 Jun 2022, 12:00 pm IST
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Is washing your vagina normal? Well, this is a very subjective question and everyone has their own say on this. But if you are a believer in washing your vagina regularly for hygiene purposes, you must also know the right way to do it. And if you are unaware of it then let us throw some light on how to clean your vagina for the best results.

Here are the steps to keep your vagina clean

Step 1: Firstly, clean your hands properly. Make sure that you clean your nails too.
Step 2: Now you can clean your vagina in two ways:
To begin with, splash your vagina with some normal water to make it wet. If you are using an intimate wash, pour some on your palms, create lather, open your vaginal lips, and gently wash your vagina.
Step 3: Now take water and clean the lather very gently. FYI, no douching, please. Basically, douching is when you splash water on your vulva forcefully. Let us tell you it’s not good for your vaginal well-being.
Step 4: Take a dry towel and make sure your vagina isn’t wet before you wear your underpants.

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Is your vagina clean? Image courtesy: Shutterstock

And ta-da! Your vagina is clean.

Some pro tips for cleaning your vagina

Kindly ensure that you use the vaginal wash only in the external part of your vagina. Don’t let it get into your urethra or vaginal opening.
Also, don’t use soap to clean your vagina as it will wreck the pH level of your vagina. This can lead to rashes and itching.

Always move your hand front to back and not back to front. This will help in avoiding the germ that is around your anus.

If you don’t have an intimate wash, don’t worry because according to gynaes, normal water can do the trick.

Having said that, you must clean your vagina if:

  • You have used public toilets
  • If you are on your periods
  • After intercourse
  • If you feel that your vagina is smelling abnormal

While choosing your vaginal wash, just ensure that it doesn’t contain any fragrance, it is dermatologically tested, and it doesn’t have anything in it which can lead to allergy.

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Your vagina doesn’t need extra cleaning. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Here’s why cleaning your vagina regularly can help:

  • It will prevent vaginal infections like UTIs or urinary tract infections
  • It will prevent the encroachment of bacteria that might invade your vagina during sex, especially, unprotected sex.
  • It will keep your vagina fresh.

So ladies, next time you wash your vagina, you know exactly what you have to do.

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