Winter special: Try this raw turmeric pickle recipe with piping hot parathas

Winter is the perfect time for pickles and here is the recipe of a delicious and healthy pickle, that is raw turmeric pickle!
turmeric pickle recipe
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Manasvi Jain Published: 17 Jan 2023, 13:30 pm IST
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Winter is the perfect time to indulge in our country’s most favourite, tangy and spicy side dish, that is pickles! Though pickles are enjoyed all-year round, some types of pickles can only be made and enjoyed in the winter season. Pickles like mixed vegetable pickle or raw turmeric pickle are highly enjoyed in the winter season. Pickles always start up the debate of whether they are healthy or not because of the oil it uses as one of its major ingredients, but we are here with the recipe of fresh turmeric or kacchi haldi pickle which might be the healthiest pickle out there!

Raw turmeric pickle is one of the easiest pickles to make as it uses only around 3 ingredients that need to be mixed in a bowl. It uses no oil or any other unhealthy ingredients. Still, the pickle ends up tasting a mix of tangy, sweet and spicy which is crunchy and juicy when eaten.

 raw turmeric pickle
Raw turmeric makes up for a healthy pickle! Image courtesy: Adobe Stock

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Raw turmeric is a rich source of antioxidants and vitamin C. Also being anti-inflammatory in nature kacchi haldi is highly beneficial for our skin, digestive system, in treating respiratory issues, boosting our immune system and many other things. So, turmeric pickles are a tasty way to get all the benefits of raw turmeric.

How to make turmeric pickle?


*250 grams raw or fresh turmeric (kacchi haldi)
*Salt to taste
*3 lemons
*Ginger (optional)
*Green chillies (optional)


Step 1

Raw turmeric are roots and are extracted from the mud, so it is important that you wash them well before using them.

Step 2

Once they have been rinsed well, you need to peel the turmeric and chop them into small pieces which are easy to bite. You can slice them into sticks also. If you are using ginger, do the same for that. Ginger has many benefits and can be a great addition to your pickle.

ginger in turmeric pickle
Ginger is a great addition to the turmeric pickle! Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Step 3

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Squeeze the 3 lemons in a separate bowl. Make sure you have half a cup of lemon juice, if not take some more lemons.

Step 4

Take a bowl and add all ingredients—fresh turmeric, ginger, lemon juice, salt and green chillies sliced into half—to it and mix them well so that lemon and salt is coating all the ingredients. This will help preserve the pickle for a longer time period.

Step 5

From the bowl, shift the pickle to a clean glass or ceramic jar. Make sure the container is cleaned well and is completely dry. Otherwise, the turmeric pickle will get spoiled.

turmeric pickle
Add the pickle to a jar and keep it cool. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Step 6

Now, you need to refrigerate the pickle for a week or so. Make sure you give a good shake to the pickle jar everyday for this one week.

Step 7

After a week, your turmeric pickle will be ready to enjoy!

Step 8

Store the pickle in the refrigerator and it will stay good for around 2 months.

So, definitely give this recipe of raw turmeric pickle a try this winter to indulge in a healthy side dish!


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