Female condoms are readily available and it’s time you learn how to use them

Female condoms are progressive and give you the power to dictate your sexual health. It’s time you know how to use them too.
Female condom
Inserting internal condom is pretty similar to inserting a tampon. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Nikita Bhardwaj Published: 10 May 2022, 12:00 am IST
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Safe sex not just prevents unwanted pregnancy but also helps you to guard yourself from a sexually-transmitted disease or STI. A condom is the easiest contraceptive that can be used to enjoy sex without worrying about the consequences. But most women complain that their partner doesn’t want to use condoms for those intimate nights. To them, we want to say that it’s time that you take charge and buy yourself a female condom. We’ll teach you how to use a female condom and even how to dispose it away!

female condoms
Know all about female condoms. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Learn how to wear a female condom

Step 1: First wash your hands properly and open the packaging.
Step 2: If you have a dry vagina, use lube on the outer lining of the female condom to avoid friction.
Step 3: Now either squat or be in a position that will help you insert the female condom easily. Think if you are inserting a menstrual cup or maybe a tampon.
Step 4: Now pinch the inner ring and try to insert it into your vaginal opening. Use your finger to insert it. You can put your finger inside the condom and keep pushing it in.
Step 5: How to know whether it is fully inside? Well for that, see that the other end, which you can see outside your vagina, is almost reaching around your vaginal lips. There should not be more than an inch’s gap between your vaginal lips and the opening. If there is then keep pushing it inside. You can also take the help of your partner to insert it.
Step 6: Pull out your finger and enjoy pleasurable sex with your partner without worrying about an unwanted pregnancy.

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How to pull out a female condom?

If you are done with the session between the sheets, you can easily remove the condom using these steps.

Step 1: Just hold the outer opening of the condom.
Step 2: Twist it a little.
Step 3: Pull it out gently.

Don’t forget to properly get rid of it responsibly. Wash your hands again.
While dealing with a female condom, just remember how you insert a tampon. and you will be done. And don’t worry, once it is in you won’t even feel anything.

There is no discomfort at all. To make it all the more smooth, you can use spermicide cream as well.

Dear ladies, it is not just a man’s responsibility to go and grab a condom. You can do it too and now you even know the trick as well. So, go for it!

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