Protect your heart! 8 everyday tips to ward off heart disease risk

Heart diseases are the number one cause of mortality around the world. Here are 8 ways you can reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases.
Vegetarian diet can keep your heart healthy! Image Courtesy: Adobe Stock.
Arushi Bidhuri Published: 18 Oct 2022, 16:48 pm IST

Your heart goes through a lot as you grow up! And you don’t need to make it worse with a sedentary lifestyle. Unfortunately, heart diseases are the number one cause of death around the world. Whether or not heart diseases run in your family, heart health should be on your list of things to worry about. Come, let us find out how to prevent heart diseases.

There are many risk factors that can increase your risk of developing heart disease. Luckily, there are some of these that you can control. So, if you want to lower your risk of heart disease, then scroll down to know how you can do that.

How to prevent heart diseases?

Live a heart-healthy lifestyle that will help you protect your heart!

1. Don’t smoke

You must be familiar with “smoking is injurious to health!” But that warning is not only for playing before a movie begins in theatres. You need to take it seriously at least for your heart! As per the Food and Drug Administration, the poisonous mixture of more than 7,000 chemicals in cigarette smoke can interfere with vital bodily functions when it is inhaled, causing serious health problems. Getting oxygen-rich blood to your heart and the rest of your body is one of these processes. Even second-hand smoke can increase heart disease risk.

8 easy tips to ward off heart disease risk. Image Courtesy: Shutterstock

2. Eat a heart-healthy diet

Diet plays an important role when it comes to your heart health. Make sure you are including vegetables, fruits, whole grains, legumes, nuts, plant-based proteins, lean animal proteins, and fish in your diet. Limit eating refined carbs, sugary food, saturated fat, and processed meat.

3. Move more

Daily physical activity is vital to keep heart diseases at bay. A study in Frontiers in Cardiovascular Medicine has found a link between frequent exercise and reduced risk of cardiovascular mortality as well as developing cardiovascular diseases. The American Heart Association recommends getting at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise or 75 minutes of vigorous activity every day.

4. Sleep well

Sleep is one of the most important factors that often go unnoticed. Research has shown that people who don’t get enough sleep are at a higher risk of heart attack, diabetes, and depression. Several studies, including the one published in the Current Cardiology Reviews, state that adequate sleep is a must for keeping your heart health in check.

5. Avoid stress

While stress is an inevitable part of life, it is one of the biggest factors that lead to stress. Chronic stress or long-term stress can increase high blood pressure, which can elevate the risk of heart attack and stroke, as reported by the University of Rochester Medical Center. So, try to keep your stress levels in check!

6. Keep your blood pressure in check

High blood pressure or hypertension is another factor that elevates heart disease risk. It is a medical disorder that develops when the pressure of blood in your arteries is too high. If left uncontrolled, it can harm your kidneys, brain, heart, and other vital body organs. Check it regularly to make sure that your blood pressure levels are in control.

8 easy tips to ward off heart disease risk. Image Courtesy: Shutterstock

7. Control your cholesterol and blood sugar levels

Having high cholesterol or blood sugar levels can also increase your risk of developing a heart condition. It is vital to work with your healthcare provider to make sure your lifestyle is in accordance with your health.

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8. Maintain a healthy weight

As per the journal Circulation, being overweight or obese increases your risk of developing heart disease. This is mainly because they increase your triglycerides, blood pressure, blood sugar, and cholesterol levels. All of these factors can trigger heart disease. So, shed the extra to safeguard your heart.

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