6 ways to prevent razor burns and still have smooth skin

Tired of dealing with the pain and irritation of razor burn, read on to learn how to prevent them by keeping 6 things in mind.
razor burn
Prevent razor burns and shave stress-free! Image courtesy: Adobe Stock
Manasvi Jain Published: 27 Jan 2023, 16:30 pm IST
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Razor burns can be a frustrating and painful problem for many people. These red, irritated bumps can appear after shaving and can be caused by a variety of factors. However, if you are wondering how to prevent razor burns, there are some simple steps you can take to prevent them and keep your skin looking and feeling smooth and healthy. Health Shots brings you 5 simple things you should keep in mind to prevent razor burns.

Razor burn is a common skin irritation that occurs after shaving. It can cause redness, itching, and discomfort. In severe cases, it can even lead to ingrown hairs and infection. However, there are a number of pointers that can help prevent razor burn. Though they are not dangerous to your health and there are ways to treat razor burns, it is still better to take precaution.

Razor burns
Worried about razor burns? Here’s how to prevent them. Image Courtesy: Shutterstock

Here’s how to prevent razor burns:

1. Proper hydration

Before shaving, make sure your skin and hair are properly hydrated. This can be done by taking a warm shower or using a warm, damp towel on your skin. The heat and moisture will help soften your hair and open up your pores, making it easier to shave.

2. Use a sharp razor

Yes, you heard it right. It is important to use a sharp razor to prevent razor burns. A dull razor can cause irritation and lead to razor burns. Make sure to replace your razor regularly and use a sharp blade for the best results.

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3. Use a shaving cream or gel

This is an essential step for a smooth shaving experience. Applying a lubricant to your skin before shaving will help the razor glide smoothly over your skin. This will reduce the amount of friction and irritation caused by the razor.

4. Shave in the direction of hair growth

One of the main causes of razor burns is shaving against the direction of hair growth. This can cause irritation and ingrown hair. To avoid this, always shave in the direction of hair growth for a smoother, irritation-free shave.

razor burn
Shaving against your hair growth is a big no-no! Image courtesy: Shutterstock

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5. Moisturise after shaving

Once you have finished shaving, rinse your skin with cold water. This will help close up your pores and reduce inflammation. Then, apply a moisturiser or aftershave to soothe any remaining irritation and keep your skin hydrated.

6. Don’t shave everyday

Shaving every day can cause irritation and lead to razor burns because it can damage the skin and make it more prone to inflammation. When you shave, the razor blade removes the top layer of skin cells, which can leave your skin more vulnerable to irritation and infection. Additionally, shaving every day can cause the hair to become ingrown, leading to further irritation and discomfort.

In addition to these tips, you can also consider using an electric razor or depilatory cream instead of traditional shaving to avoid razor burns. Electric razors are less likely to cause irritation because they cut hair closer to the skin, and depilatory creams are a great alternative for those who are sensitive to shaving.

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