Friendship Day: 5 ways to help every introvert build long-lasting bonds

Friendship Day 2022: Friendship isn't everyone's cup of tea! If you're an introvert and want to know how to make friends, get some tips here!
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Get some friendship tips for introverts right here! Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Purvi Kalra Published: 6 Aug 2022, 04:04 pm IST
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It’s Friendship Day time, and people seem set to have a gala time with their fellas. Exchanging hugs, kisses, friendship bands, or going on brunch dates comes very naturally to extroverts. For introverts, that is not the case. But that doesn’t mean they can’t enjoy meaningful bonds. Come, let us tell you how  to make friends if you’re an introvert.

As someone who loves solitude and finds his or her own company enjoyable, seeking healthy friendships comes as a task. Introverts find it hard to approach people or strike engaging conversations. Instead of partying every weekend, an introvert’s definition of fun could be staying home late at night to, maybe, read a book or relax.

Introverts, due to a lack of social energy, might find it hard to cope in an extensive social gathering. Introverts are commonly misunderstood as ones who are shy or maybe dislike people. Rather, it simply implies that someone finds his or her own company fulfilling. Nevertheless, it goes without saying that sometimes, even an introvert longs for a “go-to” friend.

If you don’t have the emotional bandwidth to accommodate a huge bunch of people but want a break from solitude to build a few meaningful friendships, we have come to your rescue!

Friends are a big support system
Friends are a big support system. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Tips to make friends if you’re an introvert

Read these tips from Dr Kamna Chibber, a clinical psychologist from the Department of Mental Health and Behavioral sciences at Fortis Healthcare.

1. Start small by making the first move

If years of solitude has made you slip into a feeling of void or loneliness, don’t fall prey to the pressure of connecting with multiple people to make friends. Always start with small baby steps, period.

Keep your circle limited initially, and begin interacting with one or two people to get comfortable in socializing. That ways your life won’t feel overcrowded and you’ll learn the basics of interaction.

2. Get along with people who jibe with your vibe

For someone who has spent years in his or her own company, finding people who “get” you feels like a far cry. As aforementioned, interact with a few people first, get to know them, and try to gauge your mutual interests with them. Connect only with people you naturally resonate with and who also reciprocate your efforts. It might feel hard at first, but as you on, you’ll learn to catch someone’s vibe.

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Choose your friends wisely
Choose your friends wisely. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

3. Prioritize quality over quantity

Remember, it’s always about having two or three fulfilling friendships instead of having ten unstable relationships. The more we hanker after quantity, the more draining our lives will become. Try to have fewer friends who back you in times of thick and thin, the ones who will be your constant support.

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4. Reinforce every effort you make

Dr. Chhibber reckons patting yourself on your back while you’re trying to invest your energy in building friendships, something you have never tried earlier. So, even if engaging with people feels daunting, know that your efforts will surely bear fruitful results. She also asks introverts to keep their spirits high by repeating positive affirmations or statements daily.

5 .Keep the positives in your heart and let go of any comparisons

Even if you flunk at finding your true friend a gazillion times, don’t ever give up. Always keep your previous positive experiences to keep moving forward in building your friendships. Also, never forget that every person is unique in his/her ways. So, refrain from comparing one friend of yours to another. Acknowledge their differences and embrace them with full reverence.

We hope that you all get to celebrate this Friendship Day with at least one true, loving friend!

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