Taurus Daily Health Horoscope for Feb 28: To get rid of negativity, do yoga and meditation

Taurus Daily Health Horoscope for Feb 28: You should never indulge yourself in over eating your meals and make physical activity like yoga and exercising a part of your routine.
Taurus Daily Health Horoscope July 29
Don’t skip meals.
Sheetal Shaparia Published: 28 Feb 2022, 00:01 am IST
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Taurus rules the neck, ears, lower jaw, and throat. Because Venus, the goddess of nice things, rules them, you have a chance for overeating today. Well, it is to be noted that over eating your meals especially at night is a bad habit and leads to many long term repercussions. You should eat small portions too in short intervals of time. It will keep your digestion healthy, prevent acidity and even aid in weight loss. It is typical to gain weight and get throat infections. To combat this, reduce your intake of sweet, fatty, and comfort foods. Also, physical exercise is mandatory to lose weight.

Yoga and meditation can help you purge negative energies from your body. Today will be tough for them to receive and understand new information because their mental wellness may be worn down. Parents should make an effort to understand their children and provide them with proper guidance. Taurians should avoid fried foods for the rest of the day and instead eat nutritious, home-cooked meals. Make an effort today to include sprouts in your diet. Adding sprouts in your diet will give you much needed protein for the day as well as fiber which will improve your digestion.

There will be no major health problems for you. Even though you will be under mental stress all the time. As a result, you can experience insomnia, leg pain, and eye pain. Give your mind and body some rest to charge your energy for the next week. This will immediately alter your eating habits and way of life. You won’t be able to consume a nutritious diet as a result of this. But make sure you do not consume junk food, instead eat light food to keep yourself satiated.  You risk getting a fever, boils, acne, or an injury if you don’t take proper care of yourself.

  • 109
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