Health Horoscope for August 2022: Know your health prediction

Monthly Health Horoscope for August 2002: What are the stars indicating for your health prediction this month? Find out here.
Health Horoscpe August 2022
Here the health predictions for August 2022.
Updated: 1 Aug 2022, 08:43 am IST
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Your health will face a number of ups and downs during this month. You would feel good for a few days of the month, while in the next few, you will have to go and meet doctors for health issues.

The beginning of this month will bring with itself stressful situations. This problem can put you in trouble for a long time. It will make you feel lonely, and you may want to go far away from your current surroundings. You may also get in trouble due to family quarrels and disputes. However, this situation will not remain the same.

In the middle of the month, you may be a victim of stomach related problems. Apart from this, there is a possibility of blood-related complications, so go for regular check-ups with your medical practitioner. After that, time will be good for you. You will feel positive with an improvement in your health.

There is a possibility of frequent travel so do not ignore your health. Be conscious of what you eat this month. You should arrange a safety kit with all medicines and supplies before going on any trip. Patients suffering from irregular blood pressure and asthma must pay a regular visit to a doctor this year. However, you may take a sigh of relief as, during this year, your children will take care of your health.

Yoga and meditation are recommended for a peaceful mind. Avoid eating out and strictly stay away from any street food. Regular exercise and dietary foods will help to keep yourself fit and fine


This month will be good for you from a health point of view. But you should be aware that you may experience some mental stress. You may feel stressed out and exhausted due to over work, and thinking too much. During this month your energy resources are stretched to the limit. Take care of your health this month. You may suffer from pain in your legs and feet. Apart from that, you will be stressed mentally, hence try not to avoid the same. Stop worrying and take your life one day at a time. Yoga and meditation can help you cope with any anxieties you may be experiencing. Allow yourself to go to sleep at night and get some shut-eye. Relax your muscles by taking long baths or even getting a massage. Meditation and other self-care activities can help you stay centered in the here and now, so keep up the good work. Eye problems may plague you during the third week of the month. If you find yourself in this situation, see a doctor right away and refrain from self-medicating. If you have already been diagnosed with eye disease, make an appointment for a checkup as soon as possible.
Short holidays or the occasional weekend break may be just enough to cool your hothead approach. Daily brisk walk is a must for you. You must take plenty of vitamins and minerals. Doing fasting on Thursdays will help you to go through your strategy easily for your professional life


This month you have been so busy that you may occasionally have been so stressed-out that you indulged in overeating. You will continue to pile on the pounds. You are liable for neglecting your health. Please pay attention to health worries and see the doctor if you’re unsure about a complaint. Try to make positive improvements in your lifestyle.
It is as if the planets protect you and keep you from harm. But this is of little consequence, the trends suggest that you’ll be healthy this month and, in the unlikely event that you do get ill, will make a speedy recovery.

There will be some contention. During this time you will feel mentally agile but calm. You may, however, suffer from minor physical problems at the beginning of the month. You should stay alert and go for a checkup with your doctor from time to time. Be careful while driving in the middle of the month, because during this period, you may be a victim of an accident. Take care of your spouse’s health at the end of the month


This month your financial condition will be strong. You may feel irritated as your health will not support your endeavours. You may stress out because of the work pressure at the office. It can lead to depression or a migraine. Do not ignore your health while travelling.

The health situation of your parents, and your children will be stable, as you can expect good health coming their way this month.
Having a sore knee can be a nuisance. Issues with the back or knee might crop up at the beginning of the month. In the middle of the month, this issue might get worse but will go away in sometime. Make sure you avoid soft drinks because you are prone to tonsillitis. One more important thing to do is avoid processed food and packaged food as much as possible. To keep yourself in good shape, go for a morning jog or walk. Take regular rests and not exhaust yourself. Watch comedy movies to ease your tensions. You can take Ashwagandha to boost your immunity.

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Stay happy. Stay healthy.


Your health will not be excellent. People of Leo sign may have to face many health problems this month. At the beginning of the month, you may be in the grip of infections or allergic reactions. Instead of ignoring this, consult a doctor. Due to eating unhygienic food, your stomach may remain disturbed. Therefore, it is better to monitor what you eat. You should stay away from junk foods. If you go on a long journey this month, choose your restaurants carefully. Eat only hygienic food and keep a distance from meat and alcohol. Plan an exercising routine to enjoy health to the fullest

In the middle of this month, you may go on a trip with your family, which will add to the list of your expenses. The health of a person in the family may also be weak. The burden of its expenses will come only on your shoulders. So keep your hand tight from the beginning of the year to avoid the financial crunch.

There is a possibility of some bad news coming from your children at the end of month. This may be related to study or health or something else.

Help the needy as much as possible and engage in regular yoga and pranayama practices to combat the effects of heat exhaustion and other physical ailments.


This month will be very weak from the health perspective of Virgo zodiac sign. From the beginning of the month, you will see ups and downs. Due to increasing work pressure in the office, you may become a victim of stress and anxiety. Contact your doctor earlier in case of any health complications during the month. Slight negligence can lead to trouble. Avoid travelling in the middle of month, although the end of the month will be enjoyable to you.

During this month your energy resources are stretched to the limit. You may feel stressed out and exhausted due to over work, and thinking too much. August’s mantra is ‘Focus, Discipline, Dedication and Devotion’.

Don’t stress. Don’t rush. Don’t get hyper. Don’t get angry. Stay away from negativity. Just incorporating 30 minutes of walk each day can really do wonders. The practice of yoga, pranayama, and meditation will be helpful. Drink loads of water.

Climb the hill that’s in front of you to reach the summit on the horizon. Be brave. Being brave and courageous will only enhance your luck. After all luck favours the brave, isn’t it! Doing fasting on Mondays will help you to go through your strategy easily for your professional life.


There will be many hurdles in your family life this month. Your father’s health may worsen at the beginning of this month. So, it will be vital for you to take care of his health.

You will enjoy a strong bond with your spouse. Your children may surprise you with some good news. Children can fall ill during the middle of the month. Let them understand how our body functions and what are the adverse effects of eating only junk. Having it once in a while sounds okay but there’s no alternative to home-made food.

If a disease has been troubling you for years, it will continue to be the reason for your worry. Seek medical attention and do not trust self-medication or remedies told by your neighbours. If you suffer from blood pressure, diabetes and asthma, keep your medicines with you while you are travelling and take extra care of their health. Avoid long-distance travelling if you can. You may stress out because of the work pressure at the office. It can lead to depression or a migraine. However, you will feel energetic and will complete the tasks assigned. Re-evaluate your diet patterns. Eat after small intervals but do not eat too much or too heavy food.


You may struggle with a disease. It is also likely that an old disease may bother you again. Due to the stress of family and professional life, this month you may remain mentally disturbed.

Life partner’s and children’s health may also bother you. If you have trouble in any part of the body this month, consult a doctor instead of adopting a home remedy or any other alternative therapy. Drive vehicles very carefully, and avoid any debate because this time is not good for you.

If you plan to go on a long journey, then make all the necessary arrangements well in advance and take care of yourself during the trip. It is likely that the health of your father may be low in the middle of the month.


At the beginning of the month you will feel very energetic. Although, you will have a lot on your plate in terms of responsibilities that might exhaust you, and even though you realize the same, you might not try to change it much. Make sure you sleep and eat well. You need to be alert at the time of weather change, otherwise you may catch diseases like cold and cough. Do not ignore any health issue and go for treatment immediately.
People who are troubled by constant headaches must get their checkup done within this month. You may have to travel. Therefore, you need to pay special attention to your health and try to stay away from travelling far as it may result in health complications, tiredness and other problems.
Stomach related diseases will disturb you in the middle of the month. You may become a victim of stress due to blood pressure problems. There is a strong possibility that you will spend a lot on health this month. Due to some official work, you may go on a trip in the last part of the month. In such a case, do not ignore your health at any cost.. Take a balanced diet and do yoga and exercise regularly.
There will be a possibility of any of your family members falling sick, and you will totally play your part to help them. There will also be some unwanted expenses that may act like a hiccup and disturb your mental peace.


This is a favourable period but you need to put extra efforts to attain success in your endeavours. You will be excited and will strive hard to achieve something big this year. However, if you fail to make it as huge as your expectations, you may feel depressed and may change your ways. Don’t make decisions based on temporary emotions, analyse where things went wrong and how you can mend them. Have patience and do not let bitterness or ego come in your relationships.

Your health will go through a number of ups and downs. However, nothing major is predicted. You may feel weakness in the body when worries will surround you, otherwise you will be energetic. Due to family issues, your stress will be on the higher side. You should maintain a balance between your personal and professional life to enjoy good health. When free from worries, you will be hearty and healthy.

Do not indulge in bad practices and do not have blind faith in anyone. You should take care of your health throughout the month and also go for regular exercise to keep yourself fit and fine. Keep your excellent work up and you will see your healthy lifestyle yielding numerous medical benefits for you. You will notice yourself to be fiercer, productive and energetic during your workouts. As this healthy lifestyle will help you perform flawlessly and do better in all the other aspects of your life, you will also benefit in terms of your work.


You will enjoy good health this month. Due to the clutter at the office, you may become a victim of fatigue and mental stress. It would be best if you do not neglect your health as there is a possibility that any of your chronic illnesses may take a severe form this month. Modifications in lifestyle by adopting good food habits can help you be healthy and in better condition.
It is possible that you feel low on energy and vitality. You must be very particular about the food you eat as you can turn obese during this period. Keep your diet healthy to avoid all these problems. Along with taking a balanced diet, make yoga and exercise a part of your life.
If there is any problem related to nerves or skin, then it is better to contact a good doctor for treatment. You may meet with an accident during a small trip so be careful while travelling. Do emphasize on rest and comfort while you give your best to your work.

In the middle of the month, the health of your life partner may be low, so take good care of them and treat them with love. Take extra care of your loved ones and be more cautious while out and about in the event of an emergency.


If you are diabetic or have an enlarged liver, you might face trouble and you may have injuries in the lower part of your body. If you have arthritis, this might be a tough time for you. Problems like knee pain, joint pain and major hair loss might concern you. You might not be able to get involved in fitness plans and activities and feel too lazy.

However, you will need to come out of your cocoon and practice some exercises to keep yourself pain-free during this time. Long term health problems are finally dealt with by the end of the month. If you have been on a waiting list your turn for attention finally arrives and the results look promising. You will be free of disease and in perfect health from a medical standpoint. Once in a while, due to being associated with more work, you might feel both physically and intellectually drained.

Try not to eat outside food as these food varieties can bring about gastric or acidity issues. You are also likely to take more control of your own health and may start cutting out the junk food and start munching fresh fruit and vegetables with lots of wholemeal bread. Drink plenty of water and engage in regular yoga and pranayama practices to combat the effects of heat exhaustion and other physical ailments. You may also lose some weight as well!

About the expert:
Mr Pankaj Khanna is a Delhi-based astrologer and gemologist. He is the chairman of Khanna Gems.




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