Libra Health Horoscope 2023: It’s time to heal your physical, mental wounds

Libra Health Horoscope 2023: Will your past mistakes affect your present? Will your pains and injuries get better or worse? Will your relationships help you stay sane? Find out your health predictions for the New Year!
Libra Health Horoscope 2023
Know the Libra Health Horoscope 2023, and have a Happy New Year!
Tamanna C Published: 25 Dec 2022, 12:30 pm IST
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Dear Libra natives, welcome to the Health Shots Annual Health Horoscope 2023! This year will bring in the clarity and healing you need when it comes to your relationship with your work and money. You have been struggling for the last few months to get a breakthrough. This year will be a bridge between your past mistakes and future goals.

Libra Yearly Predictions for Health 2023

Your health will need attention between February-April due to back and shoulder-related issues. You will also have some injuries from the past that will need attention and medical assistance. If your eyes are sensitive, take care post October. You will also get back to a sport or yoga post May.

Libra Yearly Health Horoscope 2023: Work and mental health

On the work front, the year will start on a slow note for Libra natives. But this will give you the time and energy to re-evaluate your course and make changes to your work slowly. While work will be slow, you will get some clarity and a push in a new direction after April. But by the time you execute plans, it will be after September. You will need to be patient. Don’t come across as desperate, else people might pick up on the energy and take advantage to negotiate work on their terms and conditions. If you are in a business, you will expand your footprints or do something new after April. Financially, expect this to be a stable year after May and October. You will recover money lost in the past after July. And also make redirect your investments after November. If you are looking at buying or selling a property, a positive time will be around may-November.

Leo Health Horoscope 2023: Love and relationships

On the family front, there will be ongoing stress due to unresolved issues between family members. There could be old matters that need to be resolved and people will act difficult from February-April. Make sure you keep a check on your words and commitments. Don’t say things you don’t mean. Your partner will be upset for the way you’ve handle things in the past and you will have to apologise and give them the emotional security they need.

You will be put in a situation where you might have to take a strong stand for yourself or a particular family members. This might land up upsetting somebody else in the family but you don’t have to feel guilty for protecting your integrity and respect. If you have children, their health will need attention April-June. You might even have to spend quality time with them, as amidst all the chaos they might feel neglected.

Social life will be stable and on auto-pilot mode. There could be travel plans with friends around June-September, which will be good for you mentally. A friend could be going through relationship-related issues and will turn to you occasionally for help and guidance.

If you are single, avoid jumping into anything old till May. You will meet someone new through an arranged set up after September. Don’t be desperate for a commitment this year.

Health Tip: Be patient.

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